28 December 2008

The Sexxy Kitchen

Oh, baby, you KNOW you want to cook something your whole family will enjoy here! Mmm, and look, they use Folgers Coffee (tm)! The advertisers are right; that would be the BEST part of waking up in this kitchen. Though daresay you will get roaches in your cup as well. Yummy leggy goodness. Please embiggen that last picture and note the TARP walls. In the Missouri winter, children really lived here. Yes, they did. :[


  1. When I see stuff like this, I figure the folks were on drugs, because that's the only way a person could live like that...if they were always in a stupor. Barf.

  2. Pics like this just make me sick to my stomach. Those poor poor children!

  3. How many times must I tell you to quit stealing my decorating ideas. You showed pics of my bathroom the other day now this! Do you know how long it took me to get this just so! j/k LOL.

    I am a home interventionist/child advocate.
    I see this stuff for real. Sometimes we help them clean it up,
    or move, oe whatever.
    These situations are not always addicts. Some times they are people with mentle health issues.
    Some times they have money.

  4. Claire, you might be right based on the prescription pill bottles D snapped in another room, but never know. SOMETHING was up and/or a very bad situation.

    Mrs D, more than once I've wondered about the owners of the little toys and the tiny handprints!

    Bishops Wife, I see a *little* of this in my own life. I have trick thumbs that pop entirely wrong if I scrub, etc. So I leave the toilets to my kids. It isn't as bad as the pic below, but still VERY bad. That hard water/brown crusty stuff that never comes up. G tries, and I can't do much better. And I'm not paying a maid to clean something I'm just going to pee on. Guess it's a matter of priorities. :]

    BW, though, I'd be interested to see howcome NO ONE would help out or make a call or something before it quite got to this? TARP walls in the winter, and that's all that's between you and the cold?

  5. Ummmm... dat looks like my sister's house!!!! She really did keep house like that, no wonder the government took her kids off her and gave them to her ex husband! Derrrrr.

  6. OH before I forget.. I recieved your Christmas Card today, I love it! The kids are so adorable.. except Patrick, he's looking like a young man now!

  7. Chris, I'm so sorry. I'm glad her ex-husband was able to take the kids, though. :[

    And wow... that card sure took its time finding its way to your house!


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