05 January 2009

Conform or... Look Silly in an Elevator.

The older children and I tried this on D when he came home and he kept going, "WHAT? Do you need something or is something going on?" Oh, noo... we're just standing here... "Well, I don't have time for that." And he walked away. BLEH! If you're going to try this experiment, Patrick says it would probably work better in an elevator. It would probably also work on people other than D. Stubborn man. Got this little video from the Why Homeschool blog. They'll be hosting the Homeschool Carnival blog posts pretty soon. You should go check them out. I'm hoping to have my post on workboxes included among the offerings. :]


  1. lol Monkey would love to try this. I showed it to him and he has decided that the next elevator we go in we MUST do this.

  2. I was wondering what the heck you guys were doing in the kitchen. I guess I do not conform well.

    -- D

  3. Oh man, wish I could see it. for some reason I can't. Must be funny. Hee hee...

  4. ONGOSH!That was so funny.

    That was the old candid camera. That brings back memories.

  5. LOL THAT was the funniest thing! We need to bring fun back into television, I miss fun.

    D is a smart man, you're going to need to work a little harder to get him to follow along. Off to check out the h/s site. xo

  6. Conformity experiments like this work better in certain environments. The kitchen isn't one of them, me thinks [laughing].

    It also doesn't work on people who like to "buck the system" or are completely confused all the time (like me).

    That is super funny. Love the attempts to apply what you're learning [smile].


  7. This is hilarious. I put it on my blog under the heading of "A Simple Way to Test If You Are Overemphasizing Referencing!"

  8. LOL I loved Candid Camera back in the day!
    Isn't it funny how such a silly stunt can be so funny and make so many of us laugh?

  9. cc - I like how all the actors on Candid Camera have such straight faces. I'd have busted out laughing midway through the joke. Think you can pull this off?

    D, you do NOT conform well. People have a really hard time selling you stuff, especially since you walk in with a price in mind, and if you don't like it, you walk out and there's no chatting or compromise. :]

    Virginia, this is a gotta-see. Try it again later b/c it is very funny.

    Bishop's Wife, I remember the old CC show too. Yep, I'm that old.

    Stacey, xo back at ya!

    So, Luke, you don't think this would work on you? How 'bout if we changed the setting from an elevator to a church or theatre? How often have you stood for an ovation you didn't think was that great b/c everyone else did? OH, that would be something to try LOL! Have a really bad performance and try getting everyone to do a standing ovation.

    Tammy, I'm glad you liked it!!

    Pam, I think it's b/c YOU are in on the joke and not the poor sap taking off his hat and turning...

  10. Ha ha! You are have me laughing! I wish we could hang out. I'm a major goofball. I just never show it. You wouldn't believe the criticism I would get. Look at my comments under "A Sad Day in America". The last one. I just got that one today. Of course they stayed anonymous. This is why it's hard for me to be myself. This used to happen to me all the time on my blog.

  11. ARgh! I can't see your picture! I so want to see it. LOL. The Elevator thing . IT sounds so funny.

  12. Hey I just left a repsonse to your last comment over on my blog! I should have come here to leave it!

  13. Pam, I went back and left you a comment on your blog. :]

    Virginia, I'm off to see what's up on your blog LOL! Maybe you won't like what I have to say either. OK, here goes..

  14. I am excited to be back....he he
    I forgot how to do the widget thingy though.....grrr
    I am looking forward to your tea time with us too.


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