21 January 2009

Good Morning, Elf.

Elf models the "natural Mohawk" look straight from Bed-land. He would strongly prefer you not touch his hair in any way. "Strongly prefer" is rather a generous description on my part. I have been very insistant upon his getting his hair done with water and a comb every morning if for no other reason than that he has been, shall we say, "quite resistant to conventional grooming methods." YES, those are his favourite pants in the picture, too. I have only two pairs that he will wear without complaing. This is one of them. Sigh. Ok, I love the guy.


  1. Nice doo! I sometimes wonder why in the world my child who hates getting his hair cut, and couldn't care less about how it looks, has the most prone-to-bedhead hair in the family. Sigh. Such is life!

  2. Funny - he and I have the same look in the morning...thank goodness for flat irons!

  3. Unless my 12 yo is cut short his looks like that too and he has no desire to brush it ever.

    Recently he finally started to wear hats. At least now that awful hair is covered. But church is another story and you would think it is a 3 yo we are dealing with not a 12yo.

    Tell Elf great hair!

  4. Yes, I know that look. I wake up to it every day myself :)



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