07 January 2009

Our Homeschool Day

This post's random belly button pictures were brought to you by Emperor and Elf. I do wish Emperor would remember to zip his fly and pull up his pants. Usually that sweater hides these bad habits.

We began our day with cooking and listening to Jonathan Park on CD. I think I'll count this toward science, as it discussed how the Tower of Babel story in the Bible accounts for differences in people. Today's culinary delight was cranberry-orange bread. I haven't told the children this, but it was horrible. All the younger children, including S, ate this stuff up as though it were actually tasty.

Woodjie made some Play-doh creations while we mixed and cooked. He became quite upset that HE didn't get pans while we were cooking. I will have to save some old pans or something for him to keep with his Play-doh, since it is so important to him. Today he made a butterfly with Mom.

I did "math review" with the children, which only took the children about 20 minutes to complete. Usually I am mean and give a good hour and a half of math time every day. We learned about how to use an index in English class. We said "goodbye" to our second-grade journals. The boys are still in the process of writing their last thoughts before we begin third-grade level spelling.

We learned a bit of Spanish. It's been a while since I taught any of this. I'm afraid of sounding like Peggy Hill when teaching this stuff, so to be honest I have been avoiding it. Well, the boys have even forgotten how to count to TEN. Bad mom. Must at least do this once a week. Maybe twice. I think it's been almost a month and a half since I last opened a Spanish book with them.

Some cursive handwriting. The letter D. I did some workboxes with Woodjie while this was going on. Then the boys each read their memory verses a few times.

Maybe we'll do a little reading later. Woodjie just got up from a little nap. Can you tell he is a bit grumpy when he wakes up? S will get up in about ten minutes if she doesn't wake up on her own. In other news, the boys just got some Jonathan Park caps in the mail. Elf says that now it looks like he's ready for adventure! BUT... I have to save those photos for their blogs. They seem to have gotten the comment bug and want to know people are looking at their pics.


  1. Hi, I just found you and wanted to let you know I'm enjoying your blog - I have to get out the door to an appt but look forward to reading more of what you have shared.

    Have a great evening!

  2. I think food tastes the best when it's by your own labor.

    Peggy Hill...substitute teacher of the year, lol.

  3. Hi, Kathy! Thanks!

    A, food tastes better when you make it, except for this stuff. EVERYBODY else seemed to like it though. I guess cranberries and oranges and bread don't go together for me.

  4. I generally like my fruit separate and unadulterated. Chocolate-covered fruits are promptly dispensed to friends. Unless it is something like pineapples and coconut in a smoothie - that's ok.


  5. It looks like from your pictures that someone was getting "belly button fun love" ... for all those other people out there ... that is when someone pokes you in the belly button ... and you laugh. Only works on the small kids ... until it become yucky!

    -- D

  6. You think the zipper is bad. I finally got my boys to stop making "art" on the brick wall in our back yard by you know.... peeing on it. They thought it was cool because they could make a pattern.

    When someone passes gas in the van and we ask who did it, we hear a little giggle and our 3 year old Ivy say "I did it". It's always her. For the most part, we've got her to stop doing that in church. She is short so if she does that in church, people turn around and see just charles and I sitting there with red faces.

  7. Well the bread LOOKS delicious! Poor J... he sure knows how to pack a wobbly!

  8. Loved the belly button! The bread sounds good, orange and cranberry. At least the kids thought it tasted good too.
    About Wesley Chapel:
    Mrs. C - 11 years since living here! Quite a lot has changed, even in the past 5 years around here. Wesley Chapel is a popular place to live. It built up crazily over the past 10 years or so. I only moved here 3 years ago. I've seen a few trailers here and there, but lots of McMansions! and many nice brand new neighborhoods. The Shops at Wiregrass (Newest mall) was built at Bruce B Downs and hwy. 56. I should take a photo of Victorious Life's new building for you. It's huge! I bet they have a website!

  9. D, I do kinda think belly button fun love is gross. Specially that time you put a cocoa puff in your belly button and pretended your tummy was a monster eating. (What happened to that cocoa puff?) The children like poking you and pretending to make you laugh though.

    Virginia, you and Charles should practice looking offended that the OTHER family did the gas LOL!

    Chris, his little wobblies can be pretty loud! He doesn't like getting up from naps.

    Pam, usually I'm so happy to hear about neighbourhood improvements. BUT now I find myself so sad wondering what happened to all those little children on our bus ministry.

  10. A, even giant chocolate-covered strawberries? Too bad you don't live closer so I can be the recipient of all this awful food. :p

  11. This looks delicious. Is it blueberry bread?


  12. Nope, cranberry orange. Everyone liked it but me!

  13. WOW, your home school day seems so much more organized then mine!!

  14. Thanks, Sabrina! Yes, maybe it *seems* that way. We all have our moments. :]


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