01 January 2009

Seclusion Rooms

From Ange's blog. Yes, I'm going to say it again. This practice needs to stop. We need to be advocating for children who can't speak for themselves. YES, this is legal. And yes, it is traumatizing to those children who undergo this treatment. Please don't wonder what the kids did to get themselves sent there and restrained. SO OFTEN these are disabled children who are forced into environments in which it's well-known they CANNOT cope... and then they are punished for their behaviour when they act out. Watch the whole video. Just turn down the music and really listen to what they're trying to tell you. These are the kinds of practices we should not allow to be commonplace.


  1. I made myself watch that. C was restrained repeatedly in his first school. I removed him. So it is a subject close to my heart. This practice should be outlawed. It is barbaric in this day and age.

  2. I dont have any speakers on my computer so that was made all the more powerful and disturbing for tha fact that I watched it in silence..

    That would be called child abuse in Australia.

  3. You know, I kind of liken it to the cop with the gun. You know there are some very rare circumstances under which the gun needs to be fired, but if Barney Fife is off shooting at every little thing, the police manual needs to be revised and Barney needs another job in customer service at Wal-Mart.


    I agree with the video in that EVERY time something like this happens, it should be documented and investigated just like a cop shooting a gun.

    This is locking children up rather than teaching them to cope with frustration. Sure saves staff time, though, doesn't it?

    Kim, the music I don't think added to the film. It was kind of a metal rock thing. Maybe the words were applicable, but being as how I associate metal rock with "rebellion," it didn't help make the case, I don't think.

  4. "The Autism Reform Act of 2009


    Cast your votes Restraint & Seclusion must come to an end!


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