02 February 2009

Here You Go. I'll Share.

Dad also had to take the girl away from the little pile of Cheerios he left out for Woodjie because she was starting to look like a chipmunk.


  1. Awww isn't he a darling for sharing?

  2. That is sweet. What a nice big brother!

  3. Great picture [smile].


  4. He feeding baby and at is CUTE! ~ actual quote from David!

    I think it is cute too. I love catching my kids being nice to each other.

  5. Yup, he is a good boy. Unfortunately, now S insists on having her own drink at every meal. Before I got away with just giving her a bottle afterward. Now, it's a dress and shirt-changing every time she takes a sip.

    And that BTW David is cute, too!!


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