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Wittenberg University.

Here D and I are in 1992 around graduation time. Yes, I really dyed my hair that awful bright red colour. But that's only because I found that blonde looked hideous on me. We're outside Myers Hall in the center of campus. My dad took this picture as he made the trip out to meet the guy I was going to marry. I *had* been dating a black fellow before D, and got so mad at my parents' reaction to that fact that I um, neglected to tell them when I began dating someone else. And the fellows have rather similar names. So, my parents had made their peace with the fact that their child would have all the difficulties associated with an interracial marriage, and were ready to meet my fiancee. Well, he's tall and handsome, but not very dark, is he? Look who came to dinner. :]


  1. I *love* the hair! I have a thing for redheads. Dearest is that colour naturally [which is why I married him lol]& Ditz goes that colour when the light hits her hair & my Jossie lights up too, I really do love red hair.

  2. What a great color! It goes well with the outfit.:0)

    What a nice little trick to play on your parents. I like the new version "Guess Who?" with Bernie Mac. That man was funny!

  3. I like the hair, too, Ganeida, but it doesn't look very natural. :]

    Zimms, I didn't really mean to trick them... but I wasn't really thinking about it and had let the subject go (um, obviously they didn't forget LOL!).

    I could see myself expressing some of the same concerns if one of my children wanted to date interracially. Still, I have seen others say that it really is NOT an issue. See, I wouldn't know. I think I was just miffed because I was expecting my Mom and Dad to be *just* as ok no matter what. And they weren't... they had concerns.

    Looking back, I get it. I love my Mom and Dad bless 'em.

  4. The red must have been really cool. That was my preferred hair color for years! I started turning gray before I reached my 30th birthday. When I tried brown die, it looked too dark. It didn't look natural. People might think I was dying my hair!

  5. I like the pic on your blog... the hair looks natural there. :]

    HEY, speaking of, wonder how Beverly's hair turned out? Was it as badly chopped as you thought before you got the braids out? We went through the finding the scissors thing with Emperor, but it's not so bad with a boy!

  6. My grandma married outside her race. She's hispanic and married a white man. My mom married outside her race and married a black man. I married outside my race and married an Asian man.

    I truly do not see what the big deal is with interracial marriage. I've never been discriminated against. I don't remember any issue with it growing up, either. And we haven't always lived in very diverse areas where there were other mixed kids or couples. But, it was still not a big deal AT ALL.

  7. I don't see what the biggie is about interracial relationships either. When I was with my (then live-in) boyfriend who was Mexican, after about a year of being together I realized, wait...we're an interracial couple, huh?

    I never once felt discriminated against. But in California I think probably no one cares. Non-interracial couples are probably the minority.

    By the way, you two are super hot.

  8. You look good in red. Something tells me I wouldn't. There's a reason why you don't see many Asians with red hair.

  9. I think the two of you look ADORABLE!

  10. *wipes tears of laughter from face*. What a great story! Your dad- I love him!

    Is D naturally blonde? :)

    I quite like your hair that colour!

    A 'friend' recently posted a school picture from the same era (roughly). To my eternal horror, I appear to have been sporting a mullet at the time. I do NOT remember ever having a mullet. What was my mother thinking? What were my 'friends' thinking???

  11. Daja, maybe I see more problems than there probably would be. The college I went to had mostly rich white folks, and for "diversity" it recruited a bunch of inner-city black folks who were very academically inferior on the whole. Very, very few black men and the ones that were there mostly played sports. OK, maybe I shouldn't *go there* on this post but I think the university did those kids a great dis-service. Anyway, it made for interesting racial relations. (None, really. Not hate, just... nothing in common, mostly.) I'm glad to hear you haven't been through any discrimination... but weren't you the one that posted your parents were unable to move into a house because the landlords were jerks?

    Catherine, that is so funny. I think we are all in interracial relationships, really, and probably don't know it. I've heard race is a continuum. :]

    DF, I *have* heard of Asians with red hair. Dyed, of course.

    LOL Thanks, Chris! I think we're cute myself.

    Tracey, can I have your "friend's" link? I could use a laugh today! I had a mullet too once! Whooops, lost those pics! LOL

  12. What a great pic and i do love the hair!!

  13. I think it's great that we used to be so "cool"... only to realize that we really haven't been all that cool all along.

    ...or is that just me?


  14. Thanks, Casdok! :]

    Luke, I'm still really kewl. Right???


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