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Well, I had another post up for a bit. Sorta. I am not sure what to think about it. I am not sure whether my anonymous commenter was being silly or really thinks that Obama is the antichrist. Either way, I don't really want to be contributing to the silliness.

Look. I have every right to post a political cartoon or picture and too bad for you if you don't like it. But I also don't enjoy stirring up controversies for the sheer sake of getting everybody mad and giving myself stress about my own blog. If the comments aren't fun anymore, and I feel like I'm getting more problems than enjoyment from a certain post, I get to hit the delete button.

But just to clarify.

Political cartoons are ok. Political jokes are ok. Maybe a little snarky disrespect in good fun is ok. But the outright hatred, Obama as Anti-Christ thing is a bit icky. Eeeeeven if I post about the UN and how I don't like it, it doesn't follow that I think Obama is The One (Anti-Christ, I mean). It's doctrinally akin to the "88 Reasons Jesus is Coming Back in 1988" flier foolish Christians fell for. (Hopefully they have finally paid off the all stupid credit card debt they ran up thinking they'd be gone... with interest! Morons.)

Tell you what. When Obama stands in the temple and reveals the abomination of desolation, I will stand corrected and apologize for being so mean to ya. Meanwhile, good gravy, can we say we've had a lot worse out there governing in this world of ours? (NO, I don't mean Bush. Bush wore a white cowboy hat, so you know he was one of the good guys, ok? :P )

SURE, I don't like Obama. I don't like his politics or his worldview and I highly, highly doubt he's a Christian. It doesn't follow that I think he's a Muslim out to convert all the children in public schools to Islam AND gay tolerance at the same time (eyeroll). Or that he's the Anti-Christ. It doesn't follow that he must be intentionally anti-Christian or anti-anything. I just think he's following the agenda he always figured he'd follow since before he even got elected. Minus all those campaign promises he never intended to keep.

But whatever. Do I have to stick to nothing but cute kitten posts to avoid conflict in this world???? Because I'm getting frustrated with it.


  1. "Do I have to stick to nothing but cute kitten posts to avoid conflict in this world????"

    DON'T YOU DARE !!!!

    I am quite neutral on all politians because I do not cre who they are, or what flavor they are, they are all alike.

    I like giving my opinion from time to time, like you do.
    Keep using your noggin and writing what you want to. It is good to be a bit contraversial.

    I have been playing it too safe lately and my numbers are down.

  2. Please don't become politically correct! Conflict builds character, makes all of us think... and anonymous commenters with odd ideas will always exist. At least, whoever left the comment understood that they were so off base that he/she chose not to claim it as their very own. There is hope for a return to full normalcy!

  3. Bishop's Wife, I think playing it too safe can get us into trouble, too. :] Am I understanding you wouldn't read all my cute kitten posts?

    Julie, I do take heart that sometimes the incorrect statements can inspire discussion. Some of the even really off-base ones. But have you ever looked at comments and gone, ugh...?

    Once someone came to my blog under the search "kill all autistic kids." That made me sleep reallll well that night. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

  4. Without having read the post you addressed, I thought the anti-Christ comments were over? Guess not. Silly me.

    I'm not sure which is worse: treating Bush like God Almighty, or Obama as the anti-Christ. Either way, I think snopes covered the anti-Christ foolishness nicely. It's at:



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