29 April 2009

Sort That Pasta!

And lots of other fun nearly-free preschool things to do over at Beth's Apples and Jammies blog. I'm feeling free to swipe her picture and pass on this link because she even has that legalese stuff on her sidebar that says it's ok to do with attribution. Um, she's one of those people who puts my organizational skills to shame, but I think we can be blog friends anyway because she hasn't seen my living room. Anyway, scroll around and say howdy; I think you'll like it.


  1. PS We have a rice tub at home but can tell you this activity will not work for us for a while because Woodjie eats the raw rice. I wouldn't trust him with noodles that have alcohol in them. Maybe some other time. :]

  2. Wowsers! Thank you! I'm honored. I'm glad I APPEAR to be organized...you haven't seen my living room either! =)


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