14 April 2009

Take The Quiz!

The results have pegged me as a "centrist." One of those placid, wishy-washy types that doesn't go in with the crowd... well, you'd think, based on this quiz. They ask things like, do you think "consenting adults" should be able to go have sex with each other and whatever without government interference? No harm there, we can just "love" whoever, like, however... right? Maybe we could "consent" to having sex with a stranger, too, for a bit of money and a bit of crack... speaking of which... how about we just legalize all drugs and see what happens when 8-year-old Joey tries what's in Mama's purse?

Better still, let's just dismantle all those barriers to "free trade," and then wonder why sweatshops get lots of business, Pa can't afford insurance, and credit cards charge 9,000% interest and literally enslave the poor? (I mean, if the potential slavery is in the contract, and the borrower has "consented," it's all kewl, true? Because no one forced you to borrow that $600 for the root canal you needed, and "not thinking straight because of the pain" isn't an excuse not to pay your debts later.)

I've known extreme libertarians before, and they really think that you ought to be able to set up your own shooting range in the back yard if you like. It's only when the stray bullets cause damage to my child's skull and/or my property that we need to worry about it, because people ought to be able to do *whatever they want* on their own property without government getting all involved.

Siiiigh. Yeah, maybe I am a centrist after all, what with my thoughts that the Nanny State ought to at least TRY to protect me and my family from poisoned water, lead paint and bad pharmacy drugs. At this rate, I will be voting Democrat in the next election... you heard it here first. :]


  1. I scored 100% libertarian on personal issues and 80% on economic issues.

    I already knew I was a libertarian, though. I thought the quiz may have called me a centrist if it called you one because I agree with a LOT of what you post. Hmmm...

  2. I'm a centerist too. I got exactly 50% on both parts...but it's true; I don't like extremes in government. Rocky boats are scary.

  3. According to this I'm a Libertarian. No surprise there.

  4. Hmm... I must have broken it because it said I Was a Libertarian and then the little red dot had me pegged 100% Statist (Big Government). Granted, my poli-sci knowledge is a little shaky, but I think that's kinda the opposite... [smile].


  5. Don't hold back. Tell me what you really think.


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