23 May 2009

Just Kill Yourself, Already.

Quit holding up traffic and inconveniencing everybody. Wanna kill yourself? We can be sad you did it or glad you're with us if you change your mind. But quit being such a chicken!

"I pushed him off because jumpers like Chen are very selfish. Their action violates a lot of public interest," Lai was quoted as saying by Xinhua. "They do not really dare to kill themselves. Instead, they just want to raise the relevant government authorities' attention to their appeals."

You know, in some ways I agree with this fellow. I mean, here are zillions of officers at the scene. Robbery in another part of town? Sorry. Busy talking to indecisive potential suicide guy. Busy blowing up giant inflatable pillow for him to fall on so he can't possibly kill himself. Busy blocking traffic so no one can go about their day. Do you think other people might need to use this highway because a loved one has a medical problem and needs the emergency room? People can and DO die when trying to rescue these people as well. Sure, they can be depressed and sad and despondent, but they ARE selfish. And think of the public money spent on this escapade! It's shocking!

It doesn't follow that I'd break through a police barricade and push him off a bridge! Where does this guy get off deciding when and if the guy should "jump?" I'd be very concerned about random guys interfering in police work if this happens regularly in China. The job is dangerous enough, and the decisions hard enough to make, without having to factor in "random guy off the street" all the time.

Does this sort of thing happen here in America? Because that's scary.


  1. Is that what he really said? I have to admit that sometimes I've ben guilty of thinking along those same lines, like goodness if he wants to end it all dont take up my money getting the police out here and such and what if he only half way kills himself then we have to pay to support the man for life. But then again I would never puch him myself. Im just saying I sorta sympathize with the pusher.

  2. I guess it's one thing to say you're so mad that you could KILL somebody and another to go and do it, is what I'm sayin'...

    But yeah. People like this ARE very selfish. They are! I acknowledge the fact that that could be my relative next time, and that human life is important. But I think as well that most people don't come right out and say that these folks are selfish. Maybe they're clinically depressed or not thinking right or whatever... but selfish all the same.

    Surprised I didn't get flamed in the comments section, but then again, it is Saturday. Just waiting for "anonymous" to chime in LOL!

  3. I read that same story last night and I have to admit--I thought the same thing. I can't believe that man just went for it and pushed him off. I wonder what will happen to him.

  4. Obviously the guy who pushed the suicidal guy off was having a REALLY BAD DAY! No other explanation for sure behaviour.

  5. Wow- what a weird story! I feel sorry that the guy was so depressed, but like you said, it was selfish behavior. Though I wouldn't go so far as to push him off the edge...

  6. Some people just crave attention way too much. Maybe they could have gotten Mr. Suicide down by shooting a video of him and encouraging him to watch himself on Youtube. If that doesn't work, let him (and others like him) know that some things are better done in the privacy of one's own home.

  7. Oh, great. I signed in when I had the letter Y on the comment screen.

    Oh, goody! Now I got an email telling me there's a new comment. It says Y on it.

    I was GOING to say..

    Bonnie, I'm pretty sure he'll be charged with injuring the guy because he DID get hurt.

    Chris, I was wondering about the pusher's story, too. What on earth motivated him!??

    Mykidsmom, I think we can be sorry someone is having a problem without condoning their behaviour. I've been selfish, just not with public money like that. Thank God most people don't remember all my mistakes because they were too busy making their own. :]

    Harry, I think suicide should not be done at all because I'm a religious nut. Now, I realize not everyone thinks like me, and I try to be tolerant...

    But I'm not really tolerant. Might as well accept that LOL.


    Were you serious about YouTube? What if that line of reasoning WORKED? If he could post his adventure on Facebook?

    Actually, that would save the police a lot of money if they could get him down in one hour instead of five. Maybe you should propose that in earnest. I wonder what they'd say...

  8. Mrs. C,
    For that person who feels alone, alienated, and abandoned by society, it could work . . . maybe? at least until the suicidal one could get some help?


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