07 May 2009


"Niiice!" Woodjie has learned a new word. We need to use "niiiice" touches and not smack sister upside the head when she has something we want. We need "niiiice" instead of tossing Cheerios and stepping on them. Well, he knows "nice." The book of choices is for HIM to talk to us (we give him choices to choose from on the cover.) This ring is for US to speak to him. Sometimes, we tell him "GREAT!" and maybe give him a Smartie. Sometimes we need to let him know to "keep it" instead of throwing or to be "niiice." I will have to ask for a new one that says "keep pants on." Just because.


  1. I love how my kids SHOUT the word "please" when they're trying to ask nicely.

  2. Did you make those books your self?

    I am glad there is at least some way for you to communicate with him. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him to need or want something and not be able to let you know with words.

    BTW I sometimes get frustrated and don't always ask before taking something. Maybe I need one of those sets too! LOL!!

  3. "...keep pants on."


    And, yes, please keep up the nice touches.



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