10 June 2009

Bloggy Love.

I always like reading Luke's Posts of Note. He sorts through something like 700 posts a day and posts just the best 100. Or something like that. :] I have a few posts to share from friends I think you'll enjoy if bad language doesn't bother you too much.

This one, on pretty birdies, will make you laugh. Maybe.

This one, on cancer, will get you good and mad.

And this one, featuring an unlikely superhero, will make you thankful for God's protection over little children.


  1. I'm glad you enjoy the Other Posts of Note. More than that, I'm glad some people actually take the time to read them [smile]. And I only read about 200 (400 on Mondays) and link to around (though today that number may be higher).

    Birdies... [laughing] Oh my. Hilarious! Especially with her saying, "Hey, baby!"

    Cancer: My best friend's dad died of that a couple years ago. Yep, not all positive stuff.

    Cell Phones: I'm glad God gives so much grace. I know I've had times when I could have died. May we be wise with the charges He gives us. And, yes, sometimes it's okay to get off the cell.


  2. Thankyou for sending people my way, I appreciate it.

  3. Luke, I don't always read 'em all because there are sure a lot of them, but I like browsing every now and again. :]

    Veronica, I truly loved this post and glad to send friends by. :]


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