20 June 2009

Spelling With Elf.

There were some tears before he was ready to touch the shaving cream to write his spelling words. After he worked with it a while, he got used to it and didn't complain. He was still glad to wash his hands and get away. I think it helped him to learn his words, because he FINALLY got 100% on his test. This... for Elf... is a very rare thing.


  1. Therapists and teachers often work with shaving cream or trays full of noodles or rice. It gives the child a different experience of feeling something and, in Elf's case, try to reinforce the idea that we can do something different sometimes... that feels "weird" or makes us uncomfortable... without getting too upset. (Well, that sort of worked)

    He can write his spelling words and then "erase" them by wiping back and forth. :]

    This is a kid whose whole day is ruined if he doesn't get to eat with an "Elf-sized" spoon or use his favourite pencil, so new experiences are hard.

  2. YEAH ELF! Way to go big guy!

  3. What a great idea. Yay Elf! I wonder if that would have helped me with my spelling? Hmmm...

  4. Thanks for the explanation. Don't suppose you can use something like furniture or Windex to kill two birds w/ one stone? ;)

  5. LOL The problem with getting little kids to genuinely clean is that they make more mess than you started with...


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