02 July 2009

Abe Lincoln's Hat.

Elf and Emperor are all ready for the Fourth with these Abe Lincoln hats. To make your own, glue two pieces of black construction paper together. Now make another set of two, glued together. Staple or tape these together end to end after they're dry. Fit them around your head and then staple or tape. You should now have an open-ended CAN shape. Pop this on top of another black sheet. Trace the shape of the circle. Cut outside this shape about an inch, and tuck into the hat for the hat "top." The base of the hat is made by cutting about an inch and a half around the can shape. Then the inside part where your head will go is folded back into tabs and taped inside. The result? Hardly an heirloom, but a fun way to pass the afternoon. Yes, we are making these because of our studies on the Civil War.


  1. What a clever idea. I will never remember it by the time David is old enough to use a scissor without cutting his shirt or his sister's hair... but I wish I remembered stuff like this. As it is I will probably be on the Internet looking for ideas.


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