08 August 2009

Woodjie's Art

His very first person picture. He did this all by himself and was very happy with all the praise he got. We even took his picture!


  1. We love Woodjie!

  2. When is his first gallery showing? You'd better get that wine and cheese ready.

  3. Very, very nice. We did sidewalk art today, but Cupcake is not nearly as clever as Woodjie!

  4. Yep, anon, we sure do!

    LOL Harry, he is a great little artist! All that discussion for hours and hours of "eye. eye. happy!" has paid off and he has done his own work. Further, he did this without supervision AND added a dot for a nose. Yeah.

    Bonnie, I don't know that Woodjie would be so brave as to touch the chalk and get all dusty. :]


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