18 August 2009

Woodjie's New Shirt

From Printfection.com! I spend my money on cute stuff like this instead of "proper high chairs." Don't look at the duct tape repair, ok? :]


  1. That is great! My kids would love it if I did something like that.

  2. You should see my diningroom chairs :). I gave up on high chairs when my third born was two and just started putting him at the table in a booster seat just like yours. In my opinion, they master table manners and eating utensils ten times faster when they feel like they're one of the big people.

  3. It's the personal touch that counts for the most.

  4. Virginia, I spent $26 on this! Yowie! But it's a lot of fun. :]

    Mary, I know what you mean. I think the chair itself will bust soon. We got it on the big trash day that happens twice a year...someone was pitching it. Meh, it works for now.

    Maddy, you do gorgeous artwork, so you'd know about these things! :p

  5. That's Great! How did you get it off the Doodle thingy?

  6. half my stuff is duct taped
    I'm thinking of using it on myself!

    the shirt is priceless
    as is the artist

  7. I love the shirt. What a great way to encourage Woodjie!

    Hey--I have given you a blog award. You have to come by my blog to get it.

  8. Shelly, I photographed the picture, uploaded it to my computer and then was able to browse my computer from the Printfection.com website. Sounds a LOT harder than it was. :]

    LOL Dianne, word of advice if you buy a house in the near future: if the plumbing is duct-taped, it's not a good thing. Yeah, we learned from it. (It's fixed though, and only think of how we helped the economy!) $$$

    Thanks, Bonnie and Tracy!

    I think he's pretty cute, too, Chris!

  9. I love it!

    The shirt and the fact that I am caught up on your life.

  10. Woo-hoo, Julie! I think I got something like five comments from ya! It's like Christmas, I tell ya!


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