19 August 2009

Youth Pastor Criteria?

Wow. What's sad is that every now and then, I've seen this sort of thing before, especially in churches that like to use the word "emergent." I've read a few different things about "emergent" churches and I'm still not very clear on what they are. One pastor announced that they knew they WERE an emergent church because he was wearing jeans on a Sunday morning. SO not getting that. (No, that's not where we attend. Thankfully.) This is one of those "it's funny because it's ALMOST true in a lot of places" videos.


  1. It takes all sorts I suppose!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I hadn't seen it yet and I work with teens at church. I've sent it on to a couple of other youth pastors as well. Not only was the message important--I needed the laugh.

    Every winter I take whatever teens I can round up to the big WOW (Weekend of Worship) conference in Springfield. It generally attracts two thousand or more kids and, for the most part, I've liked what I've heard (and often been blessed myself). But I've sat through a few sessions that came awfully close to this. (One rap band whose lyrics made no sense whatsoever and a bunch of guys doing tricks on bicycles . . . in the name of the Lord?)

  3. Oh my. I thought this was for real at first..LOL. But like you said, it comes close to what really is happening in some churches. I admire the people who want to reach the youth of today, but definitely question some of the means they use to go about it. We recently got a new Youth Pastor at our church, and he seems to be having a good influence on our kids, in spite of lacking all the bells and whistles shown here.

  4. What's sad is it's right about the fire ~ only all you're left with if you take out the bible & its tenents is a pile of ashes. I don't know how youth are best reached. Fear of something new & different & staid old dullness will both quench the Spirit. It's a bit of a sore point with me, the whole youth thing. I don't know a single church that pastors its youth well.

  5. This would be funny if it weren't so sad.

    At our church, I have witnessed an entire service in the pre-teen department that consisted 99% of psycho-babble. During a send-off for a beloved small group leader, not once did the head of the department mention God. I kept waiting, but it didn't happen. Weird.

    No wonder so many youth go to secular college and move away from God. They have no roots in their faith. And truly? That comes from home, not from church. Church should be there to support, but if we as parents don't teach our kids about God at home, we have failed.

  6. Yes, that video makes me laugh, and cringe...







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