13 September 2009

Photographers at Work

D gave Elf and Emperor a new digital camera for field trips and whatnot, and they got to try it out. I was eagerly awaiting their first batch of photos. They seemed to be so busy downstairs arranging things just-so for pictures. I was expecting nicely posed pictures of each child smiling with a beautiful background, but noooo. I got "dental surprise" and "laundry train" instead.


  1. I am STILL not sure what that first photo is. hehe

    Don't you just love the things kids take pics of.

  2. LOL That's the inside of a mouth. They got the camera INSIDE the mouth so you don't see the front teeth... just the ones on the sides.

  3. The titles instantly raise the status of said photos from "odd snapshot" to "artistic expression" [smile]. Good stuff.


  4. That's how my kids are when they get a hold of a camera. They just go crazy with it and you never know what the picture batch will hold!

  5. Please tell them they need MORE PRACTISE... much more practise!

  6. And better 'subject matter' too!

  7. I am sure Mr. Dentist would not approve of the goings on here: it's not a matter of boring or interesting. It is not even about memorizing a bunch of facts the world thinks my kids ought to know. It is whether or not Pamela finds one new idea in a lesson.

    Today, in Excel, when she was learning to use Ctrl-Z to undo her work, she called it rewinding. That was an awesome lesson because it generated an original thought. When reading an Egyptian myth about creation, she noticed that Atum (the main character) sounded like Adam. In writing, she wrote some sentences about a dead baby snake that we saw in real life. Ants were crawling all over it.

    Are kids expected to answer questions about such obscure details on a standardized test? Probably not.

    Does Pamela have a wide and varied curriculum that covers many interesting aspects of life? Yes!

    My son (in public school now) is not a math genius. He is a creative, bright, random thinker. So, in econ class, when the teacher took them out to the stadium to estimate the money they take in at home games and wanted them to think it through for themselves, David came up with his own strategy, very common sense, and came closest to the actual figure.

    For me the bottomline is teaching our children to think and giving them many opportunities to discover new ideas during the day, leaving them free to assimilate what strikes their fancy for that day.


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