21 January 2010


Apparently, Elf doesn't like hair in his face... so he cut it himself. It was down to the scalp in a few places, which precluded my cutting it with scissors. Buzz cut time. Then G (who refuses to get a hair cut!) came home with bloody skulls drawn all over his hands. Yep. We're realll fashion winners here at the Mrs. C house. :( I think I did a pretty good job considering, though.


  1. Buzz cuts, love them. Especially in the Texas heat. I just can't to cut off curls though. ;-)

  2. Some kids look great with a buzz cut.. Luckily Elf is one of them!

  3. It's a good thing he's got a nice melon! I love buzz cuts - they feel so good (to touch, that is, I've never had one myself).

  4. Awesome. My wife has been hesitant to let me cut my own hair. But in a few moments of insanity she's said I could "if I wanted to."

    Haven't tried yet. But someday... [smile]



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