31 March 2010

La La La La...

la la la... Wait. Is that a camera? I don't want you taking my picture! "NO! Aaaa! Dop it! Nah NO!" *sigh* This mom of mine will not stop, will she? And the church nursery workers keep GIVING ME BACK to her no matter what I tell them, so I guess I just have to live with this crazy lady. I need to make my own accomodations if I want to keep using my marker AND not have my picture taken for my mom's stupid blog. At this rate, my mother will blog my teen years in detail as well and ruin any chance I might have had to have a social life. Can't she just leave me alone??


  1. Oh, no! She must not leave you alone, Miss Rosie. You brighten my day!

  2. Oh my gosh--is that the sweetest smile or what! What a precious baby.

  3. Lol!!
    Aww isnt she growing up fast :)

  4. [smile] The girls, when they notice a camera, immediately say, "SMILE!" with the lamest fake-smiles ever plastered on their faces. It's almost impossible to get a shot of them just doing things...

    One of my nephews did a similar thing as well...

    ...don't these children realize I have a blog to maintain that requires perfect pictures?!?! [smile]


  5. Aww she's so cute! Our kids LOVE it when I put their photo on my blog... Griffin is always asking me to in fact!
    He lives to be 'blog fodder' .. lol.

  6. She is so cute! I love how she tries to keep coloring with her face covered. How funny!


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