21 April 2010

Spelling Party

Elf and Emperor just finished up their fourth grade spelling workbooks, so it's time for a little party. We mixed some dough and let it rise whilst we did a little mathematics, covering how to divide fractions. We're reviewing for a quiz tomorrow. We shaped and baked our "bug bread." This picture is a turtle shape by Elf. Woodjie played peek-a-boo and he and Rose coloured and ate snacks. Woodjie made one of the little shapes himself, but cried when they came out of the oven and he wasn't allowed to have any. Woodjie took the picture of his sister you see above, with just enough help to keep the camera from dropping. He aimed and shot it. At the very end of our snacking and clean-up, it was time for presents! Emperor received a tiny Hello Kitty, and he was very excited about this. Elf got a Pokemon book. Congrats, guys! BJU Spelling 5 is on its way for us to use beginning in July!


  1. Mrs. C,
    I just have to say you have the cutest kids!
    Big cool mom points for you on the party too! It looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Do you homeschool full-time through the summer?

  3. Thanks, Bronwyn! Missed seeing you online.

    Allison, I homeschool through the summer, but I don't know about "full-time." :)

  4. Congratulations! Webster is going to put this photo of Elf in the next edition to define overjoyed...

    What a great way to celebrate!

  5. How does it work with the state regs? Do you have a full year to meet the hours requirement, or only when public schools are in session?

  6. Julie, I know! He is overjoyed even still and refuses to use a pencil in his book. He just wants to loooook at it. :)

    Allison: I follow July 1 to June 30 schedule, just like the public schools, but I school year-round. Hope that makes sense, but here is a link with all the states and you can click and find out more about the law in each state:


    I live in Missouri and have completed my required 1,000 hours back in early March. But I continue because the stuff I need to do is not finished. (But the "stuff I need to do" is not "stuff I need to do" legally... just my opinion on what a good ending for the school year would be and how much I want to accomplish with the boys.)

  7. Yeah! A party is just what the doctor ordered. Those are great pics, but I have to say that the one of Elf is going to keep me smiling for the rest of the day. Love it!

    Oh, and I like your new blog look, too.

  8. Your kids are cute! Yay! for finishing spelling books.

  9. Back when I taught second grade, we had an "Alpha Bits party" after learning all of the phonograms. Yeah, I know I was feeding them sugar, but buying boxes of cereal is cost effective, and I wasn't feeding them any more sugar than their parents fed them.

    But it wasn't as much fun as actually cooking something yourself.

  10. Thanks, Sue and Tracy! :)

    Harry, the Alpha Bits party sounds like a lot of fun... the bug shapes LOOKED great, but were rock hard and horrible-tasting. Rose ate a few of the bigger pieces, but we found ourselves eating the middles out and pitching the rest.

  11. Woo hooo....love the photos... and the wee edible turtle.
    Well done Woodjie on taking such a good photo of your sister!

  12. Some are having a great time ... and others not so much! : )

  13. Thanks for the link!

    PS - Woodjie has a great eye...I love the expression he captured :)

  14. Jenners, that little girl was pretty mad she didn't get any presents. :)

    Thanks, Allison! Enjoy the browsing.


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