20 May 2010

Assorted Images

Elf flying plastic bags. Summer pumpkins growing. Emperor typing (before haircut; note Hello Kitty jammie pants). Hello Kitty in an armoured Tinkertoy tank. She kicks butt. Woodjie writing Z and telling us his letter sounds.


  1. Love the pictures--especially the smiles on the boys faces! I have a question...does Rose draw pictures when she colors or does she just scribble? Cupcake just scribbles unless I start her drawing letters. We've tried drawing pictures and she's not interested.

  2. She scribbles things that look like letters and she draws circles and says "circle." She also will put her hand down for you to trace. Then you have to draw happy faces on each of her fingers. :)

  3. Hello Kitty would totally kick butt in such a contraption of modern warfare! [smile]

    And your pumpkins are looking good. We've got some green leaves coming up too.


  4. Yep, Luke, Emperor insisted that Hello Kitty's tank needed to be on the blog somewhere. :)

  5. I found your blog and I am in love! I will be homeschooling my son for preschool this fall, though we technically do homeschool stuff now! Your blog is really inspirational and I hope to get some great ideas from you! I would love a follow back from ya!




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