14 May 2010

Going to the Doctor Part II

These don't look like "bug bites" to me any more. Now the rash feels hot. Patrick CANNOT get sick right now; his trip of a lifetime (over $3,000) is coming up soon. Hopefully this time the doctor arrives at some conclusive, non-contagious diagnosis. Well... I'll just settle for a diagnosis, but I'm hoping she's not contagious. She's had all her shots but polio, MMR, and chicken pox. Bummer, but I'm sure it's not the chicken pox.


  1. Nope those are not bug bites! Yikes and poor baby! Viral?

  2. Has she had any vaccinations or been on any medications within the last three weeks?

    Strawberries or chocolate IN anything she's eaten? Do you have any house plants the little dear could have "sampled" (one of mine slipped out into the yard and tried toad stools about her age! I wouldn't have known had it not been for the rash. Fun night at the emergency room--not).

    The frustrating thing about rashes is that it is often impossible to know exactly what caused them. I hope you get a diagnosis soon.

  3. Strawberry Pop Tarts for the last couple days... but she's had them before without rashes...

    The doctor is guessing "viral," too, but wants to see her Monday. So much for my weekend plans. :)

  4. Oh dear! My friend's daughter gets something that looks like that when she eats fish, so my first thought was "allergic reaction". Oddly, she only gets it when she's under stress or run down, and at other times can eat fish with no problem (thankfully, since she lives in Japan!).

    I will pray that you'll find the answer and/or that it will just go away very soon! Meanwhile, keep big brother far away. Just in case!

  5. ouch!!
    poor sweetie
    made me think about the reports of how 'Cruisers' diapers causes rashes

    Jeffrey got a terrible rash when I changed laundry detergent

    it's so frustrating


  6. The poor little pet. Are they itchy?

  7. My ex-husband got something like this all over his body when he was 18 or 19 in his first year of college. The doctor told him it was "hives" which he said were caused by a resurgence of the chicken pox virus. Don't know if it could be the same thing, but the doctor told my ex that anyone who has had chicken pox could get hives at a later time in their life. I don't know if that applies to people who have been vaccinated.

    Mary in Morocco

  8. Oh poor Rosey and poor Mommy! We'll be praying.

  9. I closed my home daycare down one day from something similar. Look up Impetigo (I know its spelled wrong). It attacks in a rash like that on the trunk (stomach region) of the child. It's from the same the same family as hand/foot/mouth disease (no fun at all), strep throat, etc. It is not contagious but the infection that can occur from it is. May not be the same thing, but looks VERY similiar. From one momma from another, I hope that helps.

  10. Latest: it might be a virus. Or it might not be. Come back MONDAY and let's look again. lol

  11. I am curious what you find out! Hope it goes away fast whatever it is. :(


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