07 May 2010

Good Hair Day!

Elf combed his hair himself. It was neat! It looked fine! But Mom ruined it. Please note frownie "after" picture. It looked so much better before. Why is Mom so mean?? He thinks all the
blog readers should take his side and tell Mom to stop it. Elf says, "Give me liberty or give me the combed hair. I revolt!" and, "Combed hair, no peace."


  1. LOL, he sounds like my 13 year old. "But I like it this way" is his reply when I tell him to go comb his hair down.

  2. I kinda think his hair looked cute...but then I'm a youth pastor, so I see all kinds of "messy", but apparently acceptable hair (C: I have girls so their hair is always done. You can feel free to NOT tell him I thought his hair looked cute (C:

  3. This kind of reminds me of an old Calvin and Hobbes sequence. Does Elf have a stuffed tiger?

  4. i liked it before! ;) it's the style!

  5. The great thing about being male is that once you find a hair style you like, you can keep it for the next 50 years.

    You just have to experiment at first to find the one style you like.

    Joe (his self style is actually well within norms for peers)

  6. Poor boy.. he looked fine already! Very impressive sad face Elf!


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