17 June 2010


After viewing this, you'll want to display this handy-dandy "Golden Snip Award" proudly on your blog sidebar. Too bad I'm not allowed to, though, and am only showing this to you FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. In reality, it's "reserved" for those people who are truly responsible and surgically alter their bodies so that they never have children! See, humans keep cluttering up the earth with their offspring, and the earth would be a lot better without any of us around. How dare we think our species has any right to exist! That's specie-ist, you know.

Bummer for me that I would only be allowed to download and share a "Silver Snip" award on my sidebar if I were to take permanent medical measures against pregnancy. Let's see... I could go through painful surgery and become a second-class, soon-to-be extinct citizen! I could also get the official child-free tattoo! Several awesome ones are featured right here (scroll down). They look so space-agey, and they almost make me want to put the logo on a flag, stake it down somewhere, and declare in my best cartoon voice, "I claim THIS planet in the name of the Earth!" Yes, the Martian is one of my very favourite cartoon characters...

I just wish I had what it takes to be in their special club. I wish I could have that oh-so-knowledgeable air about myself that the Vehement-Human-Hater club seems to have. I just keep getting tripped up on the fact that these people have egos and laughing about it (which shows *I* have an ego, which is not funny). Watch a few seconds of one of the "educational" videos at the Voluntary Human Extinction website and see what I mean...

Though in seriousness, I have to agree with the idea that it's better to surgically prevent conception than it is to get an abortion after the fact... that's true... but this whole website is very overly simplistic with its "people = bad" sort of mentality. It doesn't take into any serious consideration why certain people might want to have children. Any thoughts that don't agree precisely with theirs are passed off as selfish and ill-educated. I do have to respect people who try to follow their convictions in this, but... I'm not understanding why (using this thought process and taking it to its logical end) it would not just be more efficient to develop a human-killing microbe and release it in downtown Tokyo or London rather than handing out goofy bumper stickers and "snip" awards.

I just don't get how these people reallllly think the whole human race is going to VOLUNTARILY go extinct. Are they serious?


  1. Voluntary extinction...isn't that contrary to the whole point of evolution? Am I missing something?

    At least their stock logo is clever.

  2. It seems from browsing the website that they seem to think of humanity as acting like a type of cancer on Earth, and that Earth is itself some sort of living being. I can't imagine it does much for the self-esteem, but I'd also imagine they don't have too many children to indoctrinate with this worldview. :)

  3. The Earth itself is a living being?! Didn't I see that idea somewhere recently... like in a movie featuring big blue creatures?


  4. The earth is an sentient being? Uh, that's Ms. Earth to you . . . and the Bible is a myth. WOW!

    I didn't see the movie with big blue creatures. I'm trying to escape the whole franchise!

  5. [they don't have too many children to indoctrinate with this worldview]

    I was coming to comment this very thought. You beat me to it.

    Oh, and as an infertile woman, do I qualify for a golden snip award? Or, would I have to submit to an expensive, painful and medically unnecessary procedure?

    How do you find these things?

  6. Sue, I don't know about the movie, but I think the idea has been around for a while. The website in other places talks of Gaia (mother earth/God sort of thing) being sick with the cancer of humanity.

    Yep, Tammy. Time to put away your religion and your guns and extinctify yourself. Brilliant, huh? :)

    Julie, I'm going to guess that you don't get the official snip award unless you speak the official groupspeak, but I could be wrong. For that matter, I suppose I could award myself the Golden Snip award and have five more children just to spite 'em.

    I won't, though... these people are nuts. I found 'em on FARK awhile back, which tells you something. :P

  7. at least they won't be around in the next few generations. :)

    though i'd have to agree the earth is alive to some extent - the Bible talks about earth and heaven, rocks, etc. praising Him.

    you'd think they'd never heard the mandate from God to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it! Sheesh!

  8. Haven't heard too much about these nutters here in Oz but they've crossed my radar; insane, totally, mindblowing insane whack-jobs is all I can say.

  9. Mrs. K, I think that these people are not really concerned with spirituality. I have a sneaking suspicion that these folks are just making up reasons why they should get to have lotsa sex with no responsibilities in the form of children.

    With that attitude, prolly just as well...

    Jayne, I have never met anyone quite so... strange as these folks. At least they are not into forcing other people to follow their preferences... yet.


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