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I Can NOT Believe This.

"Do you want a WRITING HAT?" I asked Mystery Child Who Is Incognito for This Blog Post.
The problem with some of Mom's questions is that she won't say what a "writing hat" is, but she'll make you wear it if you say yes. Sometimes though, the "writing hat" or "snuuuufie-zoozle" or whatever Mom is offering is something really, really cool you won't want to miss out on if you say no.
Mystery Child decided that he didn't want to take a chance on the WRITING HAT, but would do his journal entry today without it.
"Emperor, do you want a WRITING HAT?" I asked.
"Um..." he thought for a bit. "Sure. I'll try it." The adventurous boy was presented with this bunny hat and proceeded to write about the circus show he and Elf gave to the family the other day.
Mystery Child, who is umm... about Elf's age and pictured in the lower picture, became absolutely furious. It's HIS bunny hat. He should get to wear it. It isn't fair and now he will NEVER do his journal entry unless I give him HIS bunny hat.
"It's ok," Emperor said to me. "He can have it if he wants."
Well, no. It is NOT ok with me. Mystery Child is going to have to learn that he does NOT have to have the bunny hat, for crying out loud. Mystery Child had a big, horrendous temper tantrum. This was complete with lots of stomping, furious yelling and finally his crying in his bed after he was sent to his room.
I was left feeling bewildered. After a good ten minutes, I went upstairs and asked him, "You DO know that you are rolling and screaming about a bunny hat for a toddler, don't you?" Mystery Child, for a brief moment, caught the humour in the situation and laughed.
Then he told me that it wasn't funny, because it was his FAVOURITE bunny hat. I can NOT believe that I am writing this. I took several pictures of Mystery Child during his temper tantrum... but Mystery Child thinks that it will be ok to post to the blog if I left his name out.
So here's the post. Does this happen at your place, too?


  1. Well... not exactly that scenario, but temper tantrums... yep! How about "mom is so mean because she won't let me use the squirt gun in the house" temper tantrum? We've had that one twice already this morning.

  2. I hear ya! I cant believe the things tink fights about with my 6 year old granddaughter! Unbelievable!

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  4. Oh my gosh, I am so sick of tantrums, I could throw one myself.

    Last night, my daughter had a bad dream and could not get back to sleep so I brought her into bed with me. When my son woke up in the morning and found her in my room, he started pitching some stupid fit that now his sister was ahead of him on cuddles for the day. Complete with wailing and tears and all sorts of obnoxiousness that about sent me around the bend. Not only had I not had any coffee yet, I hadn't even opened my eyes yet. It's inhumane, what these little turkeys put us through...

  5. Hmm.. isn't the need to have/wear a [fill-in-article-of-clothing] while writing the real area of concern?

    Uncle Don used to have a white, silk scarf when we were kids .. and refused to do what little homework he had without it. I dunno: I think he always got 'Cs' or 'Ds' .. while I got the A's sans hat or scarf!

    Maybe the bunny hat is holding them back! [it is cute however...]



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