28 July 2010

A Recent Pic

of Emperor to go with my last post. He'd just finished washing up after lunch. Do you think he forgot something?? Yep, he's cute.


  1. My son does about an equally good job when I send him to go wash his face....but then complains when I scrub at it myself. I tell him, "if you don't like the way I wash your face, then quit rubbing your lunch all over it"

    Mean Mama, I am!

  2. Yep. Very cute.

    Daniel did that until he was at least thirteen (and I had to remind him to change his clothes every day until he was about sixteen). :)

  3. Adorable !! But you know I love messy pictures, I have enough on my blog hehe.

  4. Like most he's obviously unable to find his mouth due to being absorbed in something completely interesting to only him ;)


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