09 August 2010


Two little boys are playing with their small stuffed animals.  They call this their "puppet show" time and do all kinds of crazy things.  One week, they pretended their ship was sinking and had the "puppets" do a song and dance complete with Rockette-style kicking titled "Beautiful S-O-S."  I'm sure any Coast Guard ship within radio range woulda realllly taken that call seriously.  This time, the theme seems to be bricklaying:

"Now, pick up those bricks and start running!!" 

(Why do I have to do that?) 

"Well, because we own you now, Joseph.  So get moving!" 

(Am I a slave or something?) 

"No.  We prefer the term 'servant.'  Now go move those bricks!" 

(I *am* getting paid for this, right, Potiphar?) 

"Sorry... no."

(But... wouldn't that make me a slave?)

"We prefer the term 'servant.'  Now get moving or I'll pop you on the head with my idol!"

(Oh, well... I can't do idols.  So how much are you paying me?)

*scuffling ensues* and old Mom has to intervene after the silly head-popping gets out of control.  I'm comforting myself that at least they have forgotten about their resolve to read Genesis 38 after I forbade them.  They were wondering whyyyy their curriculum would skip that chapter.  Well... howcome, Mom?

Nevermind.  That part of the Bible is... not for you.  Thanks.


  1. LOL. Kids are the best!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. So cute! I am enjoying reading your blog. Your kids are so funny and adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday Dear Emperor
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday Dear Emperor
    Happy Birthday To You

    be happy that you can read this and don't have to hear me sing!!
    the cats are hiding ;)

    all good things for your birthday and for every day


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