19 September 2010

The Two Ankles

Both Emperor's ankles are knobby and hard, but only the one on the side of his foot bends.  Funny the doctor has seen the kid a million times and never commented on this.  I thought perhaps I'd best make an appointment and bring it up but Emperor tells me that this is just normal.  That everyone has this.  That he was "birthed" like this.  Umm... no.  Why does Mom think this is "blog-worthy?"  And if it's that unusual, will people send in $10 each?  (Probably not.)  OK... how about a dollar?


  1. Does it count if I mention that I have an extra amount or part of bone in my anckle, apparently that's abnormal but normal :)

  2. Really? Kewl. You guys are abnormally normal, then. :)

  3. I know this isn't quite the same, but Christopher's thumbs are backwards. I mean, from the outside they look normal - the difference is when he bends them. If he tries to bend his thumb like we would to fold it in to the palm of his hand, it won't go - just like when we try to bend ours backwards. But if he tries to bend his backwards, he can touch his arm. LOL! We had them x-rayed - everything on the inside is exactly backwards....LOL!

    Steph and Christopher

  4. I don't have anything abnormal! Booo hooo.
    Good try for the dollars Emperor!

  5. Waaaah! I'm not abnormally normal, I'm just abnormally abnormal...right? lol

    That is different, does it affect him when he wears higher cut shoes, boots,etc. as far as is it painful or rub wrong against shoe/boot interior?

  6. He's been Ankle Nomming!
    Emperor has gone and gotten greedy on the ankles!
    Yes, it's blog worthy but sadly my 3 dollar bill will probably be lost in the mail lol.


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