29 October 2010

Trivia Answer: The Camelopard!

The camelopard is actually one of those animals every zoo has to acquire, though like Deb, I was a bit disturbed by the outdoorsman/huntsman's attitude toward the animal myself.  More than that, it bothered me that everyone seemed to think that this naturalist was somehow advancing human understanding when it was quite obvious that plenty of other human beings had seen this animal before and even possessed its SKIN.  This was totally ignored in the writing.  I like McGuffey Readers very much as they are short little stories and some of them are very moving.  But this one warrants a "talk" with the homeschoolers, eh?

Read more in the comments section about this amazing animal!


  1. Ok, another name for the camelopard is the GIRAFFE. Just about everyone got it! :)

  2. Aaargh! Taking what we had learned about him, I erred on the side of caution that he was exaggerating the description of the animal. lol Oh well, fun post, Mrs C.!

  3. yay i was right! you should do those every now and then that was fun and neat! it was nice looking at what everyone else said too!


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