26 November 2010

My New Facebook Account

My name is Happy-Elf Homeschool and I am a YoVille addict.  This is my photo.  If you become my facebook friend, you will get timely "Happy-Elf" updates, and you know you can't live without those.  You will also receive energy drinks and fab-u-lous prizes if you play YoVille with me.  Currently the fabulous prizes mostly consist of fake pillows and Cottage credenzas but hey, what do you want for free? :)


  1. I love your girl scout outfit. Trés Chic.

    I don't get the appeal of the YoVille, but I did have a brief, intense relationship with that dice game whose name I can't remember.

    Oh, that's going to drive me nuts all day.

  2. Sadly, I only seem to enjoy the game when I have gotten a Target gift card as a gift and use it to buy the things that need YoCash. :o(

    I am YoDollar rich and YoCash broke. So, I just go in a time or two a day and work the factory, make a few visits and get out of there.


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