16 January 2011

The Phone Lines Are Open...

I'm looking for post ideas from my readers. Maybe you reallly want to know what I purchase at the grocery store on a given week and how food allergies figure into it. Or maybe you are dying for a Woodjie update because he's so cute. Or you think you can't live another week without finding out my opinion on newfangled inventions like adhesive stamps and laceless shoes. Or you need advice that is even better than that silly Dear Abby stuff. Or my opinion on a news story. You can leave a comment here and I'll try to publish answers soon with a link to your blog, or you can email me privately at happyelfhomeschool@gmail.com, and I will NOT publish your "name" with the question unless you specifically request it.

You know you want to ask me something. And I'm drawing a blank on ideas this week, so you'll be helping me out. Thanks! :)


  1. I would love to hear about what you buy at the grocery store. I know it's hard to compare our grocery prices to yours, because they are very different. But I would love to know how you feed a family of 8, how much it costs and what you feed them. Then I would also like a Woodjie update and a Rose update--because they are so darned cute!

  2. Thank you for being so willing to field questions 'from the masses'. :)

    I, too would like to know how you do your groceries....is there a meal plan? Do you grocery shop alone? Coupons, no coupons? Does the hubby cook, too?

    The little people update would be wonderful, too. :)

    I have a few other questions, too, if you don't mind my nosiness...

    What do you do with Woodjie and Rosie when you are homeschooling/dealing with the older kids?

    How does sleep factor into your evening? Are the little ones to bed first? Do you do bed times? Do any of the kids struggle with sleep....it's been a problem here for YEARS, and eny advice if you have a similar situation would be appreciated!

    Do you ever have alone time with hubby, or just a breather for yourself sans kids?

    Do you plan on homeschooling Woodjie and Rosie?

    Thank you! Happy, happy week to you!

  3. Did any of your kids resist pooping in the potty cause mine is and I'm not sure how to get over it.

  4. Yes, i also would like to hear about your grocery shopping and how you accomodate for allergies. We have a son who was diagnosed with type I diabetes when he was 13. He is now 40. When he was diagnosed, we all had an education in how to eat more healthy which has carried over to this day. I rarely buy processed foods with their hidden ingredients. I also read labels.

    Do you stick with a menu plan? We always enjoy hearing about the little ones.

    Have a great day and a great week. Take care.

    Wilma in WV

  5. Dear Happy Elf Mom:

    I would like to know how you deal with boys who wear glasses. My optometrist has been bracing me for the fact that my son will need them soon, and I am dreading how much of a hassle it will be to teach Destructo-Boy to be gentle with them.

    It's not a shock - I had glasses from the age of 7. But I was a girrrrrrl and never damaged them.

  6. Goody, i get to form and opinion and get heard! :D

    Hmmm, i think your blogs right now are pretty cool (obviously or i wouldn't sub, haha). If i did want to suggest a new blog, i would have to say that i like blogs with pictures! Pictures, vids, and links (more interactive blogs) make a blog post much better!

    Perhaps that handsome boy of your's, Patrick, would like to pose for a fasinating picture?

    When you said, "...and I'll try to publish answers soon with a link to your blog...", that made me want to comment. linking to my blog might get more traffic! Now i'm glad i read this post...

    So yaa, thats my idea/suggestion/comment! :)

  7. I would like to hear how you and your hubby met.


Non-troll comments always welcome! :)