16 February 2011

Bloggy Bling!

My bloggy friend Blondee awarded me with this Stylish Blogger Award. I'm supposed to think of seven things about myself and award this to seven other bloggers. I'm really honestly having a hard time doing that and I've been working on it off and on for a few days. I am going through one of those times where it is hard to know what to say.

Hm. And more depressing still, I don't know that I have seven new friends that I haven't hit up with blog awards before. That shows me that I have been a little stagnant on the "meet new people" thing, too. My new friends on the blog have mostly appeared magically (or by some other mysterious process).

But I can at least do seven things about me. If you are lurking, would you pretty PLEASE delurk and award yourself this award so I can say hi and visit you? I see that I have 114 followers but it's always the same five people commenting when I post. Well, two or three if the other regulars are busy lol. So REALLY. Award yourself the STYLISH blogger award if you are lurking. You deserve it because you have great style in your blog reading, right?? :)

Ok. The seven things. Provided by Elf.

1. I am the best homeschool teacher ever.
2. I sing really good songs.
3. I do a good job in typing.
4. I give good opportunities because I give Elf an opportunity to do schoolwork so that he can be a very good student.
5. I do well at cooking.
6. I do a good job in painting elephants.
7. I do a great job in making coffee.


  1. Hmmm, i dont need an award, i think my blog is still in the "not very popular" phase so getting an award with 10 followers is ... not very practical.

    I think my dads coffee is pretty good and i didn't know you could sing ... interesting. I can sing but i REFUSE to sing in front of anyone (unless its my buds).

  2. NO YOU HAVE TO POST IT NOW. TOUGH NOOOOOOGIE. Am posting a special post about it, too.

  3. lmbo....ummmm...seems you king of strong armed Mr. Penguin with the award. HAHAHAHA! Love it.

    Painting elephants?? You paint?!

  4. I have an elephant that needs painting. Can you come over?


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