13 May 2011

Homeschooling :)

Just a little smile for you this morning. Homeschooling gives parents a lot of flexibility and helps them to tailor the curriculum to meet the individual needs of a child. There's just no way that most high schools would let a child graduate at the age of ten, don't you think? Doesn't matter how gifted she is. This homeschooler is, at 16, now a college graduate. You read that correctly.

Often we get into these happy-happy homeschool posts and ignore the flip side of this, which is that children with profound special needs can ALSO be homeschooled. Maybe they learn to use the potty before graduation and that's really important to Mom and Dad, who spend several hours working on this one skill every week.

Sigh. Ok. Not gonna borrow my troubles.

Emperor is zooming along in his algebra, and I guess I ought log it some special way since it is a high school level course. BUT that being said, likely he will go to public school at some point and they'll take one look at this jumpy little guy who talks constantly, writes illegibly and doesn't know how to hold a conversation (really) and send him to kindergarten. Blehhh.

Not directly related to the topic, but Elf *loves* school. Apparently Mr. McC is telling the children that they need to have a dream and a backup plan. They've been learning a bit about vaccines and how they were developed. You know how his dream has been to be a baker? he asked me. Well, now he figures if that doesn't work out he can be a vaccine doctor.

Have a happy day! I'll be posting a *baby robin* in a minute... aren't you excited?


  1. I love the jump from baker to vaccine doctor!! lol

  2. Man, I missed going around and reading everyone's blogs!

    You are amazings, Mrs. C. You are very good at what you do. Love ya!

  3. Can't believe your nine year old is doing algebra!!!! You're amazing!


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