31 May 2011

How to Play Bug House Chess

The Anpanman twins and their friends are demonstrating how to play Bug House chess. It's a team game. One teammate will play white, and the other black. It's pretty much a regular chess game, except if you take a piece from your opponent, you can give it to your teammate to use during his next turn! Here, we're demonstrating how Anpanman got a black queen from his teammate and has placed it on the board. Now, mind you, you can't place a pawn in the promotion row or anything like that. When the other team is checkmated, you win! More detailed rules here. We're going to play in a friendly Bug House tournament tonight ourselves. Enjoy!


  1. That seems like a fun twist :)

  2. That does sound like a fun twist!!

  3. That's way cool! We're gonna buy a new chess board for our boys since their last one broke. I love how they are into chess.

    I never knew about the version you mentioned.

  4. As chess is complete double dutch to me (as in I do not know how to play it)... I am presuming it's fun and I hope you have a lovely time.


  5. Woah! That's some set up. Go Anpanman! Now I'm hungry.


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