13 June 2011

All About Woodjie

Something has happened to Woodjie. I would no longer classify him as non-verbal at all. SURE, he calls a skunk a "padda-bear," (why, I do not know) but he can get across what he needs to for the most part. Unfortunately not the "I need to go potty now" idea. But hey.

Now mind you, he's still autistic and doesn't get some of those obvious social cues. Sometimes this is an absolute riot. One day, we were waiting at the doctor's office and Woodjie was bouncing around and trying to tap the window where the office workers were manning the front desk. One of the ladies slid the window over and ask, "Can I help you?"

"Hep!" he said, boucing about and squeeeealing. And here he did that huge arms out and hand flapping thing he does when he's reallly happy.

"Ok," she asked. "HOW can I help you?"

"Ries?" he asked. She looked quizzical. "I eat a RIES? Crabby Patty? 'Leese?"

"Oh, you want FRIES?"

UH- HUH! (jump jump) "Ries! I have it ries!"

"Well, I don't have any fries."

"Ries?" No, no fries.

"App-ol?" Finally, the ladies gave the little children fruit snacks. Very sweet.

Today there was an older fellow Woodjie was bugging. He had a penguin squeeze toy and told the man it was a duck that said "quack quack" and "Here. You have it. See. Ee a duck. Wook." And of course Woodjie was jumping and flapping.

The old guy didn't seem to notice. He told me this was the most social and kind child he'd come across in a long time. And hey little fellow, want to come home with me? Uh-huh, and Woodjie was following him for a bit before we all laughed at how cute he was.

"Well," he said, "I can take you home for a little bit but when you become a teenager, you'll have to go home to your mom. My wife says no more teens in the house." He gave Woodjie a pet on the head and went on his way.


  1. I love your Woodjie stories. Of course if there's a window and there's people behind it, the must have french fries, right?

    Daniel had a tough time understanding that the drive through window at the bank didn't serve "fwemfwise" and cried when we pulled away without them.

  2. Cute! he sounds a lot like Nutkin - Autistic social butterfly! :o)

  3. A total stranger offered to take your child home????
    wow. and uh-oh.
    I love how he's opening up to people now.

  4. Skunks and pandas are both black and white. I can see the confusion. One day he is going to get it right and you will feel that bittersweet sadness that I felt when my oldest realized that beagles weren't really beagleys at all... or that band-aids weren't bam-bams.

    I want some RIES too. He can keep the Crabby Patties

    Go Woodjie!!

  5. WOW! I am so glad I read your blog first today. It made me feel better! Love it! So happy for you and for Woodjie!!!! Cutie!

  6. Woodjie just sounds amazingly adorable! Glad to hear that his speech has progressed and hopefully next time he gets to order in the doctors office window they WILL have the fries. lol

  7. I love the stories and the funny thing the guy said about no more teens in the house. LOL!

  8. Awww that is just so adorable! I wish I was living near so I could be delighted by your darling wee man. He is just soooooo cute.

  9. I believe it is possible to love a child without ever physically meeting them, don't you?
    I love your kids.


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