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Not Lyme Disease.

Well, it looked like it to me. But based on a phone conversation through the nurseline our insurance company provides, the conclusion reached is that Emperor can be helped through "home care." Warm compresses and baking soda/water compresses every four hours. Taking temperature frequently. Emperor JUST got finished with a round of oral antibiotics from his LAST bug bite. Nurseline recommends using the antibiotic ointment he got then (for a bug bite on his knee) for this bite (on his arm). Put dots around the border of the bite in Sharpie marker. Bandage. Call if it gets worse or he develops a low grade fever.


Watch him carefully.


By the way, the nurse on the line told me, Emperor is SO articulate! She has never heard a child of this age with such a vocabulary, and this polite as well. She is surprised he is homeschooled (um, I distinctly heard Emperor tell her during the interview that she was getting "a bit off topic" when the subject came up) but whatever we are doing with him, we should keep it up. Here's hoping he gets better soon; the child rarely EVER goes outside, but when he does, it seems he swells up somewhere a couple days later.


  1. Bug bites can be scary. I've been looking for bulleyes cause the dog keeps bringing in deer ticks.

    Heres to hoping it's just a normal, everyday bite! Some critters can get nasty!

  2. I don't see how they can diagnos without seeing
    But to me , this looks just like a ringworm.

  3. It sure looks suspicious to me but I hope it's just an everyday bite, too! :)

  4. Ringworm?? Yipes! I hope not, but I just looked it up and seems if it IS that the antibiotic cream will take care of it in a week, which we are using anyway...

  5. I was going to say ringworm, too..but tick bites can have a similar shape, too.

    Hopefully nurseline is correct and all is better soon!!

    I *love* it that he told her she was getting off topic!! lol

  6. I thought it looked like ringworm too. Antibiotic ointment doesn't fix ringworm; it is a fungus. If it doesn't look like it is going away, try putting Athlete's Feet Cream (like Lotrimin or Lamisil) on the area a couple of times a day.

  7. Hopefully the nurse is right! My 10 year was diagnosed with Lyme Disease Thursday.

  8. Blondee, he is just so deadpan about everything that I don't think she took offense to his telling her she was off topic. He simply stated the fact. :)

    Thanks, Julie! Sounds cheaper than a doctor visit but if it isn't better I'd probably err on the safe side and see our doctor. The look of it gets me nervous...

    Ordinary Mom, I have another older son who had Lyme Disease last year. SAME pattern. This just happened to happen on a Saturday. Have a feeling we will see doctor on Monday if there is no improvement because why take a chance??

  9. I would love to hear how he sounds on the phone. So cute!

  10. My first thougt was ringworm too. Is it possible Elf is allergic to something in your garden?

  11. Virginia, he can get away with saying all kinds of things because there is little emphasis or childlikeness in his voice.

    River, it is ENTIRELY possible he is allergic to something. He is already allergic to milk and dust, etc.

  12. Hmmm... I was thinking ringworm, too, but I haven't actually seen it in person since I had it on my face when I was about 7 or 8. It sounds like getting it checked on Mon. if there's no change is a good plan.

    Wait, it's Monday already, isn't it (whew, busy weekend)? How does it look?

  13. He'll be ok! I will update with a new post in a bit. :)


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