09 July 2011


...have watched this video. Seriously. And there is an entire series of "Nyan Cat" videos including "Captain Kirk Encounters Nyan Cat" and some Captain Picard ones, and even a Star Wars Nyan Cat. Millions upon millions of people are watching Nyan Cat. I just can't figure out what's so appealing about it. I don't hate it... but... 24 million people? Watching this? It must *mean* something very deep that I don't get. Your thoughts?


  1. 24 million people, yet I've never heard of it, not even vaguely in passing.

  2. Oooookaaay. Don't get it. All I can say is that it looks really Japanese. In fact, I'm sure it is Japanese, since "nyan" is Japanese for "meow."

    Maybe the viewer counter is rigged??

  3. I bet if you can stand to watch the whole thing...you get some kind of reward. I wonder if anyone has ever done it? I had to shut it off.......

  4. River, a friend on facebook posted the "Captain Kirk Encounters Nyan Cat" video and I don't know why... but I've watched almost all of the series...

    BUT NOT THE THREE HOUR LONG version of Nyan Cat.

    Sue, I didn't know that Nyan was Meow!! I don't think the counter is rigged because apparently (D tells me) Patrick has been watching this thing before I found it as well.

    Brains, no reward. Sorry.

  5. 24 Million Views. ...I know several of my friends have added to that number. I've even seen it, but started to twitch a little after a couple of minutes and had to walk away.



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