18 July 2011

A Change in Routine

We regret to inform you that we will no longer be arranging hairbows at breakfast time. However, our staff is happy to assist you with a brief detangling spritz and brushup service. Yours sincerely, The Management.


  1. Well, the haircut is nice. I guess girlie isn't pleased?

  2. Precious, adorable girl! How do you keep from kissing those cheeks all day long? I am such a sicker for droopy cheeks.

  3. I just want to pinch them cheeky cheeks.

    Really makes me feel like an old lady....

    Her poutiness looks beautiful.

  4. Dude, throwing off my grove has a similar effect on me... just ask my wife. I am such a routine person! Of course, my pout isn't as cute, so my wife mostly just tells me to deal with it [smile].


  5. ok how much do you charge? LOL, that face is priceless(:

    Bless her she wants a nice bow in for the day mom, cant you just let her win today?!...

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  6. Oh, *Mom*!

    She is adorable, even angry. Not many can pull that off!

    It's hard when staff pulls the old bait and switch on ya, isn't it Rosie? Unfortunately, I think you've reached where the buck stops so...time to adjust. :/

  7. Awww tooooo cute! She is looking so much like her Mummy!!!! Well, when she smiles! lol

  8. Maybe you can get some clippies with bows and such on it, to keep her hair to the side, then she will be happy! and you don't have to put it up..


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