25 July 2011

The Fried Liver Attack!

Have you ever been the victim of a fried liver attack?? Emperor pulled this move on me and I didn't even see it coming. I think what bothers me most about it is the incredulous, "MOM! You have to try to win!" and "WHY did you move that piece there?" and "That was an interesting move... but not a very intelligent one!" sorts of comments I get from him during our friendly games. As if I know each of the several hundred move series, each with its own name and history. Did you know that in an official USCF tournament you can't even say "check" or "checkmate?" Our chess coach explains that "that's just Hollywood" and they don't do that in real life. You'd just better figure out you are in check. Note how in the video, the narrator never explains when the king is in check, but simply states that the king moves. Emperor and Elf did well in their first USCF rated tournament on Saturday. Emperor won all of his games and Elf won two of three.


  1. Fried Liver!!! What will they think of next???
    I am impressed with the boys chess prowess!

  2. And here's me thinking you were serving fried liver for dinner...

    Chess is too complicated for me.

  3. I quit playing with my little brother when he started learning this kind of stuff and beat me all the time. I prefer to pretend I'm smart and ignore that game altogether when he's around. So... good for you, setting your pride aside like that. Someday I should learn how to do that [smile].


  4. The name alone makes my day! lol

  5. Excellent job by the boys!
    I have been trying a little computer chess ... But I have lost what little skills I used to have. ;)

  6. Chris, they've thought of all kinds of chess moves from the "Dragon" to the "Sicilian." Seriously.

    River, it's complicated when you start to learn and then learning is a bit easier after that. It's one of those things that can be simple or very very hard depending on the depth you want to go in the subject. Hm, hope that was clear.

    Luke, I could say that I'm just letting him win, right?? (Ok, I'm not)

    Dad, you should work on your game so that Emperor does NOT skunk you when you see him again! :)


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