05 July 2011

NOT Feeling Deprived

Yay! I lost ten pounds! Fer real! At least I think so... my scale likes to zigzag depending on the time of day, barometric pressure, whether I ate or drank anything and the humidity. So, I'm trying to just stick with morning weight already fer crying out loud. Even that fluctuates a bit.

But I'm not feeling deprived. Before, I ate pizza, ice cream, chocolate and just about anything I wanted. I ate too much of what I wanted and that's how I got into this mess. Now mind you, it is disgusting AND unfair that my older sons can eat anything and everything they want in about five Pig-at-the-State-Fair portions, three times a day and still stay a bit underweight. Oh. Plus snacks. They have snacks as well. Waah.

BUT I'm not feeling deprived. Now, my very favourite food is tofu with carrot slice pie. No crust, just carrot slices, unboiled with NO butter... and slimy tofu. I don't even WANT that terrible food that I used to eat. I'm positively *brimming* with happiness at my new very faaaavourite food choices. Unsweetened rice cakes are even better than movie theater popcorn! Mmm.

Slight sarcasm, that. Ok. It's not gonna kill me not to have the frosted cupcakes everyone ELSE got to celebrate the fourth. But I am feeling a bit left out. It is pretty unfair that fatties have to go foodless. At least *decent, American food* foodless.

Sigh. I know I'm an American and I have rights. Bummer those responsibilites that come with 'em though. I have learnt that if I have ONE slice of cake, and budget that into my weekly diet? That I won't just eat ONE slice of cake. Probably what has to happen next time I go to a party is that I have to wait until only one slice of cake is left so that seconds are not a possibility. OR, if the host is really awesome and understanding, she'll let me take one small slice home. Then seconds are not a possibility and I won't find myself sneaking back to the table, skipping the sliced fruits, and eating the cake.

Well, I'm learning. This is a lot of hard work and I don't look any different. Oh, well. Thanks for listening.


  1. I used to work with a guy who was thin, thin, thin... and his favorite "snack" was plain lettuce with a sprinkle of vinegar and some salt. And, he wasn't being sarcastic.

    My husband eats like that, but he works all day. Comes home and works in the garden... takes the kids for bike rides. I blog and facebook.


  2. Congrats! I have a lot of trouble sticking to my diet.

  3. Bleh, Julie... that's just... ungodly. No other word for it!

    Dad, I have trouble as well... :P

  4. Hi...I wish I had a diet lol but cant right now...sigh...

    just wanted to let you know my blog address has changed from



    please be sure to update it to stay up to date on my blog...


  5. TEN POUNDS!! That is just marvelous!! So very happy for you!

    I can understand feeling a little left out at the cupcake deal....but if you know that's your weak spot then good girl for staying away and avoiding.

    My weak spot tends to be nachos. Not just chips and cheese either, but the really bad for you kind that have twenty pounds of goopy toppings shoveled on them. I haven't had them in months and months. A couple of weeks ago someone was telling me that a much better substitute is iceberg lettuce cut into chunks with the toppings on it. Haven't been able to stomach the thought of that yet to even try it.Probably isn't THAT bad...but still isn't what I *really* want. :/

    But no amount of nachos is worth being unhealthy or unhappy.

  6. Congratulations! I am doing very, very poorly.

    I went on a low carb diet and was a very good girl for 3 months, but just can't get back into it.

    Good luck to you. I may be able to move my little girl on day to the right.

  7. Well done mate... 10 pounds is awesome!
    Nevermind the depravation... think of the end result!

  8. Boiled carrots and slimy tofu??
    Oh dear god!
    Here, have a brownie.

  9. Oh, I agree. Dieting can be such hard work. I really let it go and because of it gained 10 lbs. Or I took your 10 lbs and put it on me. Tee hee....

  10. Thank you, kris! :)

    Blondee, I don't know HOW to eat nachos without wearing them if they have toppings, so I sort of have to avoid them.

    Brains, it's hard! Sometimes I'm doing everything "right" and the scale still goes up...

    Thank you Chris! :)

    River, you make me laugh! I'm just playing. I'm really eating mostly sandwiches.

    Virginia you look just fine! When you gain 50 more we'll talk about how you might need to diet. Maybe.

  11. been reading your blog for a while and completely admire the grace with which you handle life's curve balls.

    congrats on the 10lb loss and keep up the amazing [cake-less] work. :)


  12. Holly, thank you! I am sure to leave out the parts where I lose my temper and am mean on my blog. Selective editing. :)

    Thanks, Daja! I plan to do a *great* job on the next 70!! (Getting hard to continue, but am encouraged results-wise...)


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