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Assorted Stuff Post.

Odds and ends that don't fit in a whole post alone... Be grateful if you are not a "real-life" friend because seriously... in real life... I MUST go through my lists of "things I want to tell my friend" every time I get together with people. If I even recognize my friends. Most of them are pretty ok and will find me, or tell me exactly where to meet them. I'll sort of go "hi!" noncommittally and see what sort of response I get. Ever do that when you don't know if you recognize someone? My whole life is like that. So here goes:

1. What is UP with this "Hogan's Heroes" show? I do NOT find it funny. My husband has bought the entire series and just howls with laughter at Colonel Klink. I'm thinking Nazi Germany isn't funny, but from the cackles I hear from everyone else you would think "Schultz" is a comedic genius. Ok, I *would* watch this before yet another Barney rerun. But only because they replaced the original Barney with someone who sounds even dopier (yeah, I know, I didn't think it possible, either).

2. Well. Today I told Emperor not to speak with his mouth full. Apparently he took it to mean that he could still talk with his mouth three-quarters full. Ew. Yes, I had to include that tidbit, sorry. It was on the list.

3. Filling out forms so G can play soccer. Schools throughout the state are now taking concussions more seriously after an athlete died in the spring.

A few years back, G fell backwards on some bleachers and was knocked out for a bit. When he came to, he was confused as to the day of the week and other basic information. I got the call from the school nurse that he ought to be seen in the ER.

School is across town, and takes me 15 mins. to get there. So the nurse had time to prepare me a note on school letterhead detailing the circumstances of the injury and the fact that it happened in PE class.

At the hospital, they spent valuable time taking him aside and making sure **I** didn't cause the injury. These stupid buffoons should have treated him and assigned someone to call the school if they were that suspicious. Still mad about that. And G is autistic. Ask him questions like, "Do you get enough to eat at home?" and he doesn't "get" where this is leading. He will tell you "no" if he is hungry right then. I think they interviewed him three different times. I thought he was going in for tests.

Anywayyy... here's hoping the HOSPITALS know what to do, because what's the point of knowing there is a problem if the hospital wastes valuable time like that??

4. Soccer expenses: $50 "pay to play" fee, just under $100 in equipment and probably another $50 for food and incidentals. When I was a kid, you got a pair of shinguards and a T-shirt. "Snacks" are one orange quarter per kid and a drink; none of this "deli sandwiches" stuff. And they put the boys and girls TOGETHER on teams. If you were a girl, you'd just better be better than the average boy. I wasn't. I dropped that sport in my second season or so. The team-mates nicknamed me "Grandma" and what's worse is the coach picked up on that and cheered me from the sidelines with that. Yay.

5. In other news, here is a realllly funny post written by my bloggy buddy Fi. Moms get it. :)

6/PS. Pray for the peace of the UK. Hopefully everything dies down mighty quick and my friend Mother of Shrek is safe. Thanks.


  1. That's a lot of money just to kick a ball around a field.
    I agree, the hospital should have called the school and got the background on the injury.
    I used to love Hogan's Heroes. I used to think it was funny how they always managed to outwit Colonel Klink. Now of course, I can't watch it because I can't help thinking that Colonel Klink is way too stupid to be in charge of a POW camp.

  2. I've never heard of Hogan's Heroes. But I tend to not like military type shows anyway...wasn't a fan of M.A.S.H. much to the shock of my hubby.

    Ha! Well, at least Emperor is respecting things AS you lay them out.

    We went through that with the girly when she broke her arm. They asked her if she really got hurt at school of if it happened at home and Mommy asked her to lie.

    We don't do the AYSO soccer anymore. Three seasons of fees, new cleats, rainy cold (sometimes snowing!!) games just so the girly could stand on the field and say she was thank you. And for kids to be so mean sucks...just sucks. :(

    Your friend Fi had some evening! :/

    I will pray for Mother of Shrek and for peace. :(

  3. Facebook just crapped out so I'll write here. :)

    I will definitely take pictures for you! I'm supposed to get the shipment on Monday. The computers are loaners as long as you're doing K12 and they are all Virus protected. The kids can't access the internet without the parent's password so that's nice. It's meant to where they can access their K12 account but can't just sneak off and play. But it's a regular computer so it's really nice. I do return the books at the end of the school year but I don't have to pay for shipping at all. Thank God! haha. Also, I have the option of taking them to the YMCA up to 3 times a week and having a K12 teacher work with them for 4 hours each day. When they do this they automatically get a Y membership to play there if they want and swim. I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it yet or not. We'll see. They are begging me but I'm still thinking about it.

    Yeah, I'm not a perfectionist at all. I work very hard not to be a messy housekeeper but that's because naturally I am. The kids do have an online teacher they can see and talk to through their computer anytime needed. If I'm having a hard time explaining, they have the teacher. Also, Chaz has a special needs teacher who is going to modify it for his own pace. So they will work with his IEP. Every state has a K12 program. I hope I can do it! Can at least keep up. I'm planning on having another child within the next year so we'll see how I do. I'm not pregnant now which is the longest I've ever gone. Whoo hoo! lol. I'm loving the break.

  4. Forgot to follow comments so I'm writing another comment. Hello.

  5. River, Skipper is too stupid to drive a boat on Gilligan's Island as well... ;P

    Blondee, that doesn't sound like much fun at all. I was in AYSO as a kid... thankfully your girl didn't get a nickname like me!

    Virginia, I am looking forward to hearing all about it!! The YMCA sounds like a great idea, actually... wow. Public school families would be very jealous if they only knew!

  6. #2.....cracked me up! That's boy-logic for ya!

  7. Yeah, there's more where that came from...

  8. you are right, it is an assorted post!
    Griffin just did try outs for soccer.. I just know there is going to be big expense involved!


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