12 September 2011


Patrick is reallllly tired of my making peanut butter sandwiches or frozen foods for dinner. I told him fine, you can make dinner if you like, but you have to clean dirty pans and that sort of thing. Here is his creation: fritos, strawberries and bananas. For non-allergic children, a covering of cheddar cheese and the dish is heated in the microwave. Ok. Verdict: this food is amazing.


  1. Did I mention the side dish is pickles and that it is served with chocolate milk? :)

  2. Amazing in what way?! I have to admit that I'm a little skeptical. More details about the taste experience, please.

  3. The strawberry and banana sounds good....but the rest not so much.lol

  4. OK. I'm going to pretend that I didn't read that.

  5. Sue, I think it is much more AMAZING-ly delicious than peanut butter sandwiches. I refuse to try this concoction.

    Blondee, the cheese topping apparently makes the meal and pickles are a great and complimentary side dish. I guess.

    Daja, there WAS fruit in the bowl... :)

  6. We had hamburger (my husband bought a half cow worth of beef - it is not gone and he just agreed to buy more), a jar of Minnesota Mix (think homemade stewed tomatoes) that didn't seal and macaroni noodles. I gave my husband a choice (a) soup or (b) casserole.

    "Let me get this right. You are asking me how much water I want in my food."

    Yep, that is about it... you buy the meat, grow all the veggies and insist a meal isn't complete unless I add a starch. You get what you get.

    I have never tried serving peanut butter sandwiches for a meal. I am pretty sure that would be a no go. They are available at mealtime (minus any jelly that makes them uber-desireable) for my son who despite the fact that he is a bigger boy has many food dislikes. I had always thought I would be one of those moms who would tell their kids to eat what was put on their plates. That kind of parenting was good enough for me. Sadly, he cannot stomach food he finds distasteful and won't keep it down. I just don't like grossness at the dinner table.

  7. Yeah that's why I pull the peanut butter sandwich thing a lot. Some of my kids uke at the table if they aren't served just the right thing and others literally WILL starve themselves to death, not just one or two meals, but seriously get underweight.

    SO. Peanut butter sandwiches. I hate 'em. But Patrick was pretty inventive with some things the children like.


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