20 September 2011

Happy Birthday to Patrick!

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Patrick is now an adult. He's going to register to vote and for the draft very soon. First thing he mentioned this morning...


  1. Patrick, I hope that your 18th year is a memorable one. Full of happiness, excitement and independence! :)

  2. HAPPY BIRHTDAY Patrick!
    I hope you have a wonderful year.
    The draft?
    Explain please.

  3. Happy Birthday Patrick. I didn't realise they still had to register for the draft. I thought that was just a war time thing.

  4. Yes, they still have to register for "selective service" if they are males JUST IN CASE they feel like reinstituting the draft. Patrick has made very clear that if his country needs him he will go.

    I told him I don't want him dying in some literally godforsaken land because politicians didn't have the guts to either leave it alone (that does take guts, you know!) or bomb the crap out of it and deal with the humanitarian fallout and UN "wah wah they killed the kids the Taliban was hiding weapons under" later.

    Honestly, aside from a few "human interest" stories about children getting candy and lifesaving surgery from US soldiers and whatnot, I don't see why we're bothering. *shrug*

    This Republican says we should bring the soldiers home and forget about all these foreign bases. WHY are we doing it? Imperialism is sooo last millenia.


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