11 October 2011

I Eat a Two Oh-eos!

"I make it a poop!  I two cookies!  Yayy!"  WOWW, I think Woodjie has finally figured this potty thing out.  We are almost done with day three of zero accidents.  Yayy!  Do you know what a big thing this is milestone-wise for Woodjie?  I'm so proud of him, and relieved as well.  I was concerned we would start elementary school with pull-ups.  Still have a way to go before we can count the hurdle finally crossed, however.  He has yet to do what he needs to do at preschool or on shopping trips, etc.  But wow.  This means we can finally switch to underwear.  Today's selection is Thomas the Tank Engine.  :)


  1. Hurrah! I'm proud of him .. and happy for you!

  2. You must be ever so relieved!
    Well done young man!

  3. Yay for cookie bribery!
    My grandson did it with matchbox cars...he had quite a collection within just a few weeks.

  4. Congratulations! May this continue to be a major step forward.


  5. Yay! What a relief for mommy. I remember being concerned when Chaz didn't learn till sometime after 4 years old. I even called the school to see if they accept kids in diapers for kindergarten. haha.

  6. Wahoo!!! Happy day!!!!


  7. Hi! Blondee told me you commented on my comment on her blog the other day. My grandparents lived on Grove Street and my cousins lived on High Street. I never really ventured far from their houses when we would visit, except for the candy store/cigar store or the Mt. Kisco Diner. My dad and his family are buried in the cemetery next to the Catholic one; I can't think of the name!!! And I was just there a month ago! My family's last name is Behr. Did you know any growing up??? Nice to meet you!

    Oh and congratulations on the potty training!

  8. That is awesome!!! So proud of Woodjie and all of your hard work!

  9. Woodjie is a big boy! YaHOO!!!!

    Oh, I remember "poop parties", we went to the dollar store to pick out a toy...oreos would have been a lot cheaper, but I didn't think of it at the time.

    Those days were so frustrating. We were at a book store, and I noticed a title, "Everbody Poops" and I said "LOOK BEN, it says Everybody POOPS!". (Hoping to hint-hint...)

    It had pictures of animals on the front, I can just imagine the storyline.

    "Not me." he says, matter of fact.

    I still bring this up, at age 17. I guess it's why he probably won't introduce me to his girlfriend, if he ever has another.


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