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A Random Post

1.  We need to start a "Keep CHRIST in HALLOWEEN" campaign.  I want people to contribute to my Christian organization and get all OUTRAGED that there are no Christian Halloween symbols at the local FoodMart. It is just not right that corporate America has decided that Wiccans with really bad skin get to represent this holiday.  We need to take back the land, people.  Bumper stickers are $10 each.  We don't have enough time to organize a really great call-in and boycott campaign, but next year, look out.  I'm already seeing the "Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas" business on my friends' facebook walls.  I'm not sure if I should be entertained or join in the um, fun by reposting...  I was gonna go for "Keep THANKFULNESS in THANKSGIVING," but that didn't go well with a list of demands, so...

2.  Went out today with a friend, who REALLLLY needs to update her blog because if I told her stories, no way you would believe me.  They are that cray-zee.  I have entertaining friends, ok?

Anyway.  All I did was leave the house, get in her car, get out of the car, eat breakfast and then come home.  I am sooo exhausted.  I think I even overcompensated sitting in the plushy chairs and hurt my back.  Really.  Recovery takes longer than you would expect.  And PS, I will make the worst old lady ever.  I WILL be slow and I WILL complain a lot.  Also, apparently future me will evaluate restaurant meal choices by such criteria as, "Will this constipate me?  Because I need to poop sometime this week."  (Please do not let me get old.)

3.  To complete the random-ness of this post, I would like to talk to you about a game inspired by the Dukes of Hazzard show character, Enos.  It was made up by my little brother and male cousins and is called the Enos Penis game.

Ok, to play this game, you need a lot of bravery and a few household items. It's "1-2-3 GO" and then?  Run around and swack any opponent in the penile area with random household objects.  Last one standing is the winner!!

My aunt and uncle put a stop to this game after someone got into the metal rakes in the garage.


  1. Wow! What tales! :)

    I gather you are feeling a little better. Glad you were able to get out of the house. Hope you are back to 100% soon...

  2. LOL I see that Grandpa is not denying the VERACITY of the tales... :)

  3. *giggles delightedly at the rakes comment* Ooooooooh! Parental interference kept to a minimum is good for independence and the minimum is really good for ensuring there is a chance of becoming Grandparents. Love it!

    On your first point, though, how is Christianity linked to Halloween or it's originator, Samhain, in any way?
    Christmas was linked to the Yule Celebrations quite smoothly, with the combined rebirth theme, but where is the tie for Bonfires and Scary attire intended to frighten the mischievous spirits of the dead away, to Christianity?

  4. Eccentricess:

    It was just a sarcastic/snippy comment on my part, about the Halloween. Often here, we'll find conservative Christians who get very defensive about keeping Christmas Christian. You know, no pagan influence and all that (ha, I'm serious...) It is just silly, really, so I was being snarky.

    Though I know some people go way overboard in freaking out about Halloween. I do not celebrate, personally, and don't find much redemptive about the witches, ghosts and skeletons and whatnot. BUT I also know people who are good and kind who do celebrate. Most of my family participated when I was a kid and I do have good memories of the holiday and whatnot... just have chosen not to carry that part on.

    Hm, that was a rather longish answer and I hadn't even gotten to the rake bit yet...

  5. Ahhh! *grins blondely* Sometimes sarcasm just wanders past me, whistling innocently and pretending it's like any other form of comment.

    In Australia, Halloween has little meaning, though it is being promoted by the shops a lot in the last few years. My daughter celebrates it, but that is partly because her best friend is from the USA and her birthday is tomorrow... so she has the best Halloween parties! Sewing a Cleo De Nile costume for my girl atm.

    I feel that Halloween is a way for some people to let loose and be very silly for a night, and as such, is good fun. :-D

  6. Halloween is getting big here, but still nothing like the US. We don't celebrate it, but some of our friends do. Our kids don't seem to notice. I guess I shouldn't tell you that we once created and sold some of those ribbon car magnets about "Keeping CHRIST in Christmas." It was 2005--what can I say?

    Glad you are some better--have to admit that this post left me thinking I wish I had some of whatever Happy Elf Mom is taking. :-)

  7. Eccentricess:

    When I lived in Aus, nobody really celebrated Halloween but my teachers got the occasional trick-or-treater. The teacher said, "I'll give you some candy if you can name two Australian holidays." Rarely did she have to hand anything out... which is shameful.

    Bonnie, I do understand the SENTIMENT in the "Keep Christ in Christmas" idea. I'm tired of everything being glossed over as though it were just generic "holidays." YES, most of that "holiday" season IS celebrated by Christians which therefore makes the holiday have at least SOME Christian roots. You can't have a "Winter" party and then also a "Halloween" party. Not right.

    So I get that.

    I suppose I would (if family would permit) go a step further and say it isn't really ideal to celebrate Christmas at all given the history. Resurrection Sunday, maybe, without the eggs.

    I just can't be such a purist when everyone wants their chocolate lol.

  8. I know what you mean. The nice thing I find down here is that with Christmas in the summer--it's not the same over the top experience it is back home. It's so much more laid back and you feel more to just be who/what you are. For us--that's about church and family. Then because Easter is in the fall--we don't really have the whole Easter bunny thing. There is a bit, like Halloween, but not too much. With the holidays and seasons mixed up--it sort of takes out the pagan elements (if you choose to leave them out) and becomes more of a celebration for what they actually represent. It's kind of nice.

  9. Yeah it is harder to go overboard on candy and lots and lots and lots of heavy foods in the middle of the summer. The idea of a fourth of July picnic also prolly seems pretty cray-zee as well. :)

  10. Wow, sometimes I'm really glad to be female ...

  11. I love, love, love the idea of keeping Christ in Halloween. This is just one of the many reasons I love you. :D

    And the Enos game...sounds like something off MTV. hahaha


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