15 November 2011

Proud Mommy Presents...

Emperor "A-Gust-of-Wind" plays chess expert David Petty in this video.  If you're not a chesskid.com member, it's only about 3 1/2 minutes long.  The extended version for paying members is about 16 minutes long and Emperor veryy nearly won. 

Emperor is missing nationals this week.  I'm sad for him but I'm glad he has over 100 chesskid.com friends and is going to be playing his little heart out online during his extended vacation from chess club.  :)


  1. My kids used to play chess but since we got movies and video games back, they don't care about much of anything else. Boooo!

    I love how much your son is into chess. At least he's using his brain. :)

  2. This was pretty cool. And impressive! I'm just not that good at chess .. and was regularly pounded by Uncle Don. Guess I just don't "see" the implications of the moves!
    Good for E!

  3. I love his chess name! Very cool...and the video was neat to watch. I love how Pink H. gives guesses as to what Emperor might do, and narrates the game play. Very good learning tool for sure!


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