11 November 2011

Rose Update

I've hardly seen Rose since she was sick when I got home from my surgery.  But now that I'm able to spend time with her, I'm very sorry to report that amazing and terrible things have been happening since I've been gone.  Today during lunch, she reported that the Pokemon character Rhyhorn used "tail whip" attack and hurt her on several occasions.  It even made her dead!
I'm starting to see where that stereotype about "autistics can't lie" came from.  Hello, they can lie just like anyone else, but they often lack the ability to manipulate people with them.  Most of Rose's lies are very well constructed... just not the Rhyhorn one.  She'll wait until parents are out of the room and, during a disagreement, she will make up stuff that didn't happen.  Woodjie is not that clever socially and if you ask him, "Did you hit your sister?" he'll tell you.  Poor guy is genuinely upset that Rose is saying that he hit her, when SHE just hit HIM. 

Thankfully, Dad is on the case.  But when she is in trouble, Rose has taken to saying, "I not wuff youu," and folding her arms or hiding her head.  Sometimes she will even refuse hugs when the banishment to the chair is over.


  1. Yes the attitude that comes from little girls is a whole lot different from that of little boys. We've got a 4 year old with a 14 year old sized attitude sometimes. Rosie sounds so cute! So glad you got to have some special time today--even if it involved a fib about her brother.

  2. Girls ARE different to boys... let me assure you! Rose sounds adorable though.

  3. Awww....glad for the Rose update!! Have missed hearing about Miss Pretty Pretty. Hope that she's doing better and that the mean Pokemon leaves her alone. lol


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