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Was the Principal Wrong?

The story goes like this:  a group of girls went across campus and used the bathroom.  Maybe they were talking or dallying or whatever... who knows?  What's not disputed is that they were late to class.

These girls, who have already obviously hit puberty from the looks of the video, got spanked by the principal in public.  This happened despite their parents signing forms stating they did NOT want this disciplinary option used on their children.   School staff did not call the homes or use other means of discipline (detention, written warning).  And to many of the commenters on the story, that's absolutely acceptable.

Katherine Roy of Lafayette, Louisiana, thinks this is really blown out of proportion.  "oh get over it," she wrote.  "those kids will be fine."

Michelle Sittig and several others agreed.  "if it were my child, I would not be upset at all...nothing like a little good ole fashion discipline."

Still other commenters on the story phrased the problem in terms of who gets to decide when the paddle is used.  If the parents didn't give permission, the school should NOT paddle.  If the school did receive permission, there is nothing wrong with a good paddling and many of the folks writing in want you to know that they turned out OK and it isn't a big deal.

None of the commenters felt that paddling should be illegal in school or in private homes.  Interesting.  Check out the story and see what you think.


  1. I don't know. I like to spank my own kids because I think that was way overboard. I used to be all for school spankings but these days, I just don't trust it. I need to be the one to make the judgement call. Also, I never spank my kids in public because I remember when I was spank in public as a kid, I'd see people staring and smiling. Gosh, detention could have been used because detention sucks for kids. That would've worked fine. Seriously though, if this happened to my kid I think I'd lose my Christian ways for just one day. I would spank the principal myself.

  2. I'd do a surprise attack, grab that huge paddle and WHAM!

  3. I think paddling and spanking are very different, but then I also know some people don't differentiate. I wasn't sure what to think of the fact that the principal was female; is that more ok if it is the same sex as the person being paddled?

  4. Yes, the principal was wrong.

    * The parents did not give their consent. I know a court has ruled that a parent's rights end when child enters a school grounds, I just happen not to agree.

    * [paddled in public at school] Respect for the person means that these girls should have been called away from the rest of the school yard for their consequence. I wonder if the principals punishment will be implemented publicly?

    * From this article, it would seem that this is either a first offense or a first time punishment for the same offense. Paddling, even if the parent consented, shouldn't be handed out as the first thing that is done for a minor offense.

    And, from the mom in me? It didn't fix the problem. I have been a manager, employees who showed up on time, but weren't ready to go to work are problematic. These girls need to develop those soft skills people are always talking about. Things like -- use the closest bathroom, allow yourself plenty of time, bathroom breaks aren't really a social thing, etc.

  5. Yeah, I think there wasn't any doubt that they should have been to class on time. I DO wonder if the only available bathroom is across campus though. Where Patrick went to school last year they would LOCK THE BATHROOMS during school hours b/c of vandalism. So, you WOULD have to travel all the way across campus to use the potty near the front office that is better monitored.

    I find a lot of gaps in the story, but I'm presenting it anyway because I found the comments so perplexing. :)

  6. Spanked.
    By the Principal.
    In public.

    No, No, No.
    That is very wrong.
    The Principal was wrong.

    I haven't even read the back story, but that Principal was wrong!!

  7. Well, not only spanked, but PADDLED. In Aus. I remember sometimes they had "the cane." This is actually a tiny cricket bat, and they swat people with it.

    I KID YOU NOT. Google it for pics.

  8. First grade.

    I got paddled... as did the entire class.

    Would not stop crying. Then teachers assistant pointed out that I was the only well behaved student that day. (I was in a special ed class which didn't help)

    The next day, my mother assaulted the teacher and left him hanging by his tie from the hook on the chalk board.

    That same day, I got moved to advanced classes where I belonged.

    I'd like to see that principal accosted. Just saying.

  9. REALLY??? How traumatic for you! I would be so scared and upset! And then afraid that Mom will go to jail!

    I can't believe it turned out so well for you. Wow.

  10. I remember the cane, it was outlawed while I was still in primary school. Kids getting punished with it were told to hold out their hands palms up and take however many "cuts" the headmaster deemed necessary. Some kids were "cut" across the backs of the legs instead, with a few really naughty ones being made to bend over and take their "cuts" across the bottom.

  11. I remember the cane, too! Hard to believe those days are gone! Hoping we here in America follow your civilized lead. :)


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